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Yes!!! I have officially reached 10 subscribers! So I would like to give a special thanks to my friend Ellyssia (Darn, you Elyssia! I told you only to subscribe once!) and yourhorseyourpony @ Your Horse, Your Pony.

So, as a bit of something special, I have for you, the rough draft of a book I am writing. Horse Diaries #16 Diamond.

Also, so pictures:


Mini’s!!!! Everybody loves Mini’s!


In the snow. For those of you wondering, this was taken last winter.

So, thanks again to my new subscribers. Trust me, you will not regret it! Bye!



You can fool some of the people, all of the time, and all of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool a horse

As you may have guessed from the title, I have been fooled by something. Thankfully, Starlight and Nickers were kind enough to point it out. It has seemed that I have ten followers. technically speaking, I do. However, this is not 100% so. I have 2 e-mail followers, Ellysia and Chickadee, and 8 actually followers, Filliefanatic, Minki/llamacorn (which do you prefer?), Hold it all!!!! I now officially have 9 actually followers. Two of which have been following for the past week-ish. okay, to continue: # Hannah, Annalee, fabfivemom, Pegasus Expert, (HorseLover4Ever) Elizabeth, calicoplains, and dinosaursdonkeysandms.

So, long story, I was surfing around earlier, remembered that dinosaursdonkeysandms had liked one of my posts a while back. So I went over to her sight, looked around a bit, and then decided to follow. So, I just looked back at my followers to see the order, and what do you know!? She’s following me now!

For calicoplains, she kind of just showed up in the inbox. So I’m following her aswell. So, I still need one more actually follower. Just one more! I’ll try to have a cool picture to celebrate., but yeah. I technically have 11 followers, but I still need one more actually follower for WordPress to recognize the fact that I have ten followers. So go tell everyone you know to get a WordPress account and subscribe!!!

One more thing, I really just like to know how you guys found my lowly blog amist all the other blogs out there. So if you haven’t already told me how, I would really like if you could do that. It’s just fun to hear everyone’s story.




Towaco5oh ❤

Welcome Chickadee!

So yesterday I was looking in the e-mail, and I have another follower! Welcome to the Horse Crazy for Girls family, Chickadee! So Chickadee is a friend from my BB gun team, and she is finally able to become my 9th subscriber! Thank you so much Stick! If your wondering, we have this thing. She’s stick and I’m horse; makes sense.


So welcome again! For those of you who haven’t subscribed yet, I’m still looking to get to 10 subscribers by Christmas… SO GO SUBSCRIBE NOW!!! Sorry, I know I’m mean, but whatever. So go tell everyone you know to subscribe. Also, one quick thing. I’ll make a post by Christmas with all of the pictures of me riding. see ya soon!


A Bit of Green

Not to long ago, I decided that the girls needed a bit of greenery in their living quarters to freshen things up a bit.


First we have the succulents.


And then the cacti.


My personal favorite is the succulent with the spotted pot and the cactus with the flower.


To scale with Gracie. Again, I was inspired to make these beauties by the lovely filliefanatic’s post,Watch the Spikes. Hey! They do say that copying is the best form of flatery!

Bye for now!


P.S. As soon as I get permision, I will have picture up from Fusion.

Oh! One more thing. A special thanks to my friend, Ellysia, for being my 8th follower! Thanks again!

Schleich Haul

Hey guys! Since my birthday was last week, I have accumulated more horses.

So I FINALLY got pictures uploaded, so here are the beauties.


Diamond, or Diamond in the Rough.💎


Diamond💎 is the retired Hanoverian colt, and I am in love with him!


I love how Schleich made it look as though he is really walking.

For those of you who don’t know, I prefer to collect retired Schleich, as my chances of finding them in the future are slim.

Rose Briar and Diamond

And just a picture of him and his mom just because they look really cool together.

Teddy Bear-Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Bear or Theodore Roosevelt.

Teddy Bear-Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Bear is the retired Dartmoor stallion. I have no clue when they retired him, so if any of you know, please tell me.

Teddy Bear-Theodore Roosevelt

He’s so CUTE!!!!!

Koda-I am not Musical

Then we have Koda, or I am not Musical.🎶

Koda-I am not Musical

Koda is the retired Hanoverian stallion and Diamond’s💎 dad.


Then we have Hotspot, or Apache Hotspot.


Hotspot is the retired Appaloosa mare.


Yeah, I know, it’s her butt. But I really like how Schleich made her snowflake pattern.❄


She’s also squared up almost perfectly.❤


And Hotspot’s foal (who is actually a yearling), Dawn or Dawn Runner. But I’m leaning towards re-naming her Sugar. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know!💙 💚 💛 💜 ❤


So she is the retired Appaloosa foal/yearling, AND Dreamer’s big sister.


Again, I really like how Schleich gave her a snowflake pattern.❄


MEIKKO!!!!!!!!😍 Oh, my word! I love this guy so much!


Meikko currently does not have a show name, but he is name after my friend’s mini. And since the real Meikko has a show name, I’m going to ask my friend what her mini’s show name is.


Lily or Tennessee Lily.🌷


Lily is the retired Tennessee Walker yearling AND Sparks’ big sister. As of this year, she and the next horse have been retired two years.


Again, her feet are very nicely squared up, which is great when she’s in-hand showing.

Sassafras-Sassafras Tea

Last horse! Sassafras or Sassafras Tea.☕

Sassafras-Sassafras Tea

Sassafras is the retired Shire foal. Sadly, Schleich hasn’t retired either of her parents yet, so she just hangs out with Jack and Jingle Bells.🎄

Sassafras-Sassafras Tea

There is one thing that I don’t really like about her; and that is that it always looks like she’s shedding, even in the middle of winter.❄


The last thing I got was a Western saddle and bridle. Here is it on Koda.


And the other side.


And on Hotspot.


And the other side.

Thank you guys so much for sticking with me in this terribly long post. More pictures of them up soon!



P.S. A special thanks to (HorseLover4Ever) Elizabeth for being follower number 7! Yeah!💖 I’m still hoping to get to 10 followers by Christmas, so if you haven’t hit that follow button, go ahead and do that now. See ya!





Followers 5 and 6!

Yes! I have made it to 6 followers! Special thanks to Sunshine Stables blog and Fabfivemom. (It does apear that Fabfivemom does not have a blog, am I correct in that?) Anyways, Yay! 6 followers already! I didn’t have any at the beginning of the year, and now here I am! Let try to get to 10 before Christmas, or is that to much to ask? Anyways, also, I have TONS of pictures that will be up soon. But, yeah. I’ll see you guys in the next post! Bye!🦄


Where ba-ack. And where going to get you! Can you guess who we are? One hint. Disney.

Two More Followers!

I am very excited to announce, that horsecrazyforgirls has officially reached 4 followers! Thanks to Annalee at Buttons Book Reviews and #Hannah at #Hannah Blog. So go check those guys out! Also, I have the privilege of knowing these two personally. #Hannah lives up the road from my house, and Annalee is the daughter of the director at the YMCA where I ride!


Random picture of Sam (My baby!😍)

Also, Sam and the other horses from the Y left last Wednesday, which is really sad😭. But I do get to take lessons starting this Thursday at the camp were I went this summer😃. I’m hoping Janice has a few pictures of the horses in the trailer before they left…

Anyways, seeya!



Hey, this is Mal. You know? Daughter of Maleficent? Anyways, yeah I know, my code name is Starlight. About Carlos’ message yesterday, it may take a while before we take control, but it will happen. LONG LIVE EVIL!


Coming Uma! Later!