Looking Back on 2017 + Goals for 2018

Happy New Year guys! 🎉 I hope you have all had an enjoyable year, and I wish you all the best for the year to come. I would like to start out on a summary of my year.


This year was my second year for riding at the YMCA with Sam.🐴 One of my instructors happened to be a Western trick rider from Australia. She was able to teach me a few tricks that did not involve a special saddle. This year was also my first year to go to over night camp at The Promised Land. Later in the year, I found out that I could do riding lessons for half the price as at the YMCA. I was lucky enough to ride the most wonderful pony in the world, a mixed breed mare named Marshmallow. This was also my fourth year for BB gun club.🔫 It was also my second year for basketball.🏀 In case your interested, we won 2 out of 4 games already.😊 This is also my first year in Student Ministries at my church since I am in 7th grade now.

This year also brought more publicity for Horse Crazy for Girls. With 13 followers (2 of them being e-mail), 3,753 views, 509 visitors, 266 likes, 313 comments, and 89 posts. I have also been viewed in 10 countries. 10 countries! I have also discovered many new blogs this year, and I look forward to discovering more in the new year.

I do have some personal and blog goals for this coming year. I hope to achieve 10 more followers (20 would be great, but I want to stay realistic), and I hope to be able to update with recent pictures more often.

As for personal goals, I have:

Compete in a show. I pretty much have that one lined up.

Out shoot Mr. Pie. He’s one of the kids on my BB team.

Be one of the starting 5 on my basketball team at games.

Have an awesome time at the Winter Retreat.

Read Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

I hope you all enjoy this post, and have a happy new year! Bye!



Minis and Pets

So a while ago I was asked how I don’t lose my minis underneath of my bead where their pasture is. So I decided to answer that with a post.


My bed is, oh, about two feet of the ground. which leaves plenty of room for my minis, their barn and the round pen/farm animal pasture.


Please ignore all of my riders strewn about on the floor.


Mini pasture. Back: Candy, Pumpkin, Lightning. Front-ish: Meikko, Snowfall (hidden by the fencing), and Fancy.


Looking into their beautiful homemade barn.


The back stall is Fancy’s and the front is Lightning’s. The water trough holder was not my idea. You can probably see the tiny halter hooks I made for their halters. All of the adults except Snowfall have one.


The back stall is Snowfall’s, and the front is Meikko’s. In the back there is a hook I made for the lead ropes to hang on.


You can see it a little better now. There is another hook. It’s kind of hidden by the pitchfork. It currently holds Lucy’s bridle. The girth of the saddle broke, unfortunately. My sister and I sent a letter to Schleich complaining about it and a halters’ that I got that was fraying at the nose band. However, they haven’t even replied yet. Ugh!


The round pen/farm animal pasture. Right to left: Buddy (Yeah, there are two Buddys’), Chocolate S’mores, Peanut Butter S’mores, Blackberry, Apricot.

I believe that is it for this post. Have a Happy New Year! Bye!

Towaco5oh ❤

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas you guys!


I hope you give lots of presents!


Sweet moments caught on camera of Sweetheart and Texas


Reading Christmas presents from her parents. Hopefully they will come next year.


Jingle Bells insisted on dressing up as Santa Claus. She even demanded that Meikko and Snowfall be reindeer. Thankfully they didn’t mind.

IMG_4313Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! I hope you have a joy filled holiday season and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season! Merry Christmas!



10 Follows!
Congratulations on getting 10 total follows on horsecrazyforgirls!
Your current tally is 11.

Yes!!! I have officially reached 10 subscribers! So I would like to give a special thanks to my friend Ellyssia (Darn, you Elyssia! I told you only to subscribe once!) and yourhorseyourpony @ Your Horse, Your Pony.

So, as a bit of something special, I have for you, the rough draft of a book I am writing. Horse Diaries #16 Diamond.

Also, so pictures:


Mini’s!!!! Everybody loves Mini’s!


In the snow. For those of you wondering, this was taken last winter.

So, thanks again to my new subscribers. Trust me, you will not regret it! Bye!



Trot, trot, trot… JUMP! + Updates

So, I finally got pictures uploaded. So you can see how wonderful Marshie is!


So the Palomino in the left corner is Shilo. And yeah, I can jump now! I can only jump low jumps, but it’s still jumping!


And yes, I am riding bareback. It’s the best! Love you, Marshmallow!!!


Please ignore Shilo’s dirty bottom. So quick update. I have had two basketball games so far this season. The first one we won 21-13 and the second one we lost 22-23. I have another one today, and hopefully we’ll crush them. Also, my BB gun club started. Yeah!!! And it’s snowed three times in the past 2 weeks. The first time I wasn’t sure if I was able to make it to my Student Ministries Christmas Party, but I did. One of the  other 2 times, My other Christmas party got canceled because of the terrible roads. But we got some pretty good pictures.


SNOW! Hey! It even looks like Hotspot got some on her neck!


My sister took these. They’re pretty good. We also have the Christmas decorations up.


This I made last year at my church for their Wednesday night program.


The stocking were hung by the stall doors with care,

It hopes that the white mare soon would be there.


Hey look! The carrots fit!


Then we have our beautiful lights.


Anybody have a theory on why Lucy is laying on the ground?


Then we have our beautiful lights.The above picture is of the hooks that they hang up with. I swear it took 1/2 an hour to make them all.

We also have our arena lights which I got for my birthday.


Gracie’s gonna win the Christmas show for jumping!


Some how Snowflake managed to escape the pasture and get down the mountain (ahem, stairs). Do you like her hat?

Ooh! You guys HAVE to see this!

YAAASSS! It’s back!!!

ALSO. I have picture for Christmas! Yeah!

Okay, I think that is it. One more thing, you should check out Pegasus Expert’s awesome Wild Horse Story.

So, I should see you guys soon. Bye!


Twice In the Same Week-ish!

So, I was scrolling through peoples posts, and… I GOT NOMINATED FOR THIS!!!

Image result for liebster awardLibster Leebster Leibster Liebster award! Yeah! I got nominated for and award!!! And twice! The first time I was nominated by Pegasus expert @ Sunshine Stables Blog, and the second time by Minki @ StableStoreys. Okay, so the rules are:

1. Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award (Done)

2. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you

3. Give 11 random facts about yourself

4. Nominate 11 blogs

5. Notify those blogs of their nomination

6. Give them 11 questions to answer

Okay, so here are the 11 questions from Pegasus Expert:

Do you actually want to do this?

Yes! I have never been nominated before. This should be fun.

Do you know what this award is?

Sort of. I think I’ll just copy Minki’s link.  www.liebsterawards.com Ah ha! It worked!

Have you been awarded something like this before?

Nope. Never had an award until now.

Do you like horses?

Nah. I LOVE horses!🐎🐴🦄

Do you have pets?

No. But I used to have two fish. Actually I had one and my sister had one. Then mine died and we gave my sister’s to our neighbors who have a fish pond. (Didn’t expect a long explanation, did you? 😊)

Are you sure you want to do this?


Are you tired?

Seriously? Not really, but I constantly have purple bags under my eyes. I can never fall asleep at night…

Can you tell that my creativity for questions has run out?

Yeah, kind of.

Are you a horse nerd?

Oh, my word! Do you have to ask?! Yes! Of course I am! I mean, my blog is called Horse Crazy for Girls! Duh!

Do you hate it when someone says ‘white’ not ‘gray’ when talking about a horse?

Um, I don’t really notice. (nervous laugh), but I despise it when people call Palomino blondes. Ugh!

Are you positively sure that this was a mistake because of these questions?

No way!

Okay, so those were Pegasus Experts questions, now for Minki’s.

What inspired you to start your blog?

Um, well, two years ago I needed to make a blog for school, so that’s how, I guess.

If you could meet anyone in the world, who would you choose?

Wow. That’s hard. I don’t really, like, consider people celebrities. I think maybe I would want to see George Strait. If anyone wants to know, he’s, like, THE best country artist out there.

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life?

Nothing, really.

Do you YouTube?

No, but I know someone who does!

What are your dreams for your blog?

Um, 10 subscribers?! Other than that being able to upload picture more often.

Do you have any pets and if so what are they and what are their names?

No. But I used to have two fish. Actually I had one and my sister had one. Then mine died and we gave my sister’s to our neighbors who have a fish pond.  As for names, fishies don’t get names.

Who are some bloggers that you would recommend?

Nichelle @ Desktop Stables, Filliefanatic @ TinyHorseTalk, Minki @ StableStoreys, Pegasus Expert @ Sunshine Stables Blog, and Annalee @ Buttons Book Reviews.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?

Probably Vienna, Austria to see teh Spanish Riding School.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what five things would you want with you?

My Bible, lots of water, a wilderness survival kit, food, and I cell phone/walkie talkie. (Hey! There just might be service!)

What is your biggest fear?

Nothing, really.

On a scale to 0.5 to 10.5 how much do you love blogging?

Definately 10.5. blogging is so much fun!

Okay, 11 random facts…

  1. I ride at two diferent camps with the best two horses in the world. Marshmallow and Sam.
  2. Other than all things equine (this includes mythical horses), my favorite animals are reindeer, deer, and foxes. Not nessicarily in that order
  3. I LOVE the Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s really not that scary.
  4. I love to blow stuff up.
  5. My church is. The. Best. If you ever come to Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, go to Calvary Church on Landis Valley rd.
  6. I’ve only ever seen The Force Awakens
  7. I’ve never read Harry Potter
  8. I play basketball in the winter and soccer in the fall
  9. I want a puffy, pink winter coat
  10. I like my hair long. Very, very long
  11. I get to go on a full weekend Winter Retreat next month with my church! For some reason I feel the need for everyone to know that.

Okay, so I would like to nominate:

Filliefanatic @ TinyHorseTalk

Nichelle @ Desktop Stables

Annalee @ Buttons Book Reviews

Calicoplains @ um, Calicoplains

dinosaursdonkeysanndms @ Dinosaurs, Donkeys, and MS

Whoever mans Calvary Student Ministries Blog

# Hannah @ # Hannah blogs

Tabi Bear @ Busy Bee

Golden @ Golden Podcast

I don’t think I can find anymore since I don’t really want to tag back.

So here are the questions for them to answer:

  1. What’s your favorite holiday?
  2. What’s your favorite movie?
  3. If you love horses, what is your favorite breed?
  4. How did you start blogging?
  5. What’s your favorite sport?
  6. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  7. What state/country do you live in? (If you are uncomfortable with this, here is an alternate: what kind of school do you/did you do? Public, Private, or Home school?
  8. On a scale from one to ten, how awesome and amazing and wonderful are horses?
  9. What do you like to do in you spare time?
  10. Do you know how to shoot a gun?
  11. If you could change your username, what would you change it to?


So there you go. What do you guys think? See ya soon!

Towaco5oh 😀

You can fool some of the people, all of the time, and all of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool a horse

As you may have guessed from the title, I have been fooled by something. Thankfully, Starlight and Nickers were kind enough to point it out. It has seemed that I have ten followers. technically speaking, I do. However, this is not 100% so. I have 2 e-mail followers, Ellysia and Chickadee, and 8 actually followers, Filliefanatic, Minki/llamacorn (which do you prefer?), Hold it all!!!! I now officially have 9 actually followers. Two of which have been following for the past week-ish. okay, to continue: # Hannah, Annalee, fabfivemom, Pegasus Expert, (HorseLover4Ever) Elizabeth, calicoplains, and dinosaursdonkeysandms.

So, long story, I was surfing around earlier, remembered that dinosaursdonkeysandms had liked one of my posts a while back. So I went over to her sight, looked around a bit, and then decided to follow. So, I just looked back at my followers to see the order, and what do you know!? She’s following me now!

For calicoplains, she kind of just showed up in the inbox. So I’m following her aswell. So, I still need one more actually follower. Just one more! I’ll try to have a cool picture to celebrate., but yeah. I technically have 11 followers, but I still need one more actually follower for WordPress to recognize the fact that I have ten followers. So go tell everyone you know to get a WordPress account and subscribe!!!

One more thing, I really just like to know how you guys found my lowly blog amist all the other blogs out there. So if you haven’t already told me how, I would really like if you could do that. It’s just fun to hear everyone’s story.




Towaco5oh ❤


Don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell you guys anything.

We watched this during the announcements on Sunday before we sang.

Everyone was like “LOL Drew😛. Not kidding. You where obviously Santa Claus🎅.”

Just thought I’d share it with you guys. Let me know what you think!!!

Welcome Chickadee!

So yesterday I was looking in the e-mail, and I have another follower! Welcome to the Horse Crazy for Girls family, Chickadee! So Chickadee is a friend from my BB gun team, and she is finally able to become my 9th subscriber! Thank you so much Stick! If your wondering, we have this thing. She’s stick and I’m horse; makes sense.


So welcome again! For those of you who haven’t subscribed yet, I’m still looking to get to 10 subscribers by Christmas… SO GO SUBSCRIBE NOW!!! Sorry, I know I’m mean, but whatever. So go tell everyone you know to subscribe. Also, one quick thing. I’ll make a post by Christmas with all of the pictures of me riding. see ya soon!



Hey guys! I haven’t posted in FOREVER, I know. I really only have pictures for this post, and then I’m out of pictures for post. I do have more pictures that I took on my moms camera, but it will probably take FOREVER to get them uploaded.

Ok. If I’m doing a post, I’m doing a post.

So a while back, I made some super cool emoji charms.



So we have the infatuation emoji. 😍


The anger emoji. 😡


The crystal ball. 🔮


And the basketball emoji. 🏀

I also made a camera📷, a crying face😂, a tongue out face😋, and a smiley face😀, all WordPress style. I am looking to do more in the future, and would probably sell these if I had an Etsy shop.

Quick update! Yesterday I had a riding lesson on the most wonderful pony in the world, Marshmallow. No offense to all my cute ponies. But this week, I got to ride bareback! And I got to jump her over the smaller jumps at a trot! My mom did get a few pictures, so I’ll try to post them soon.