Multi Part Post

Okay, so today is a multi-part post.

Part 1:
So DB Productionz posted episode three of Dimension High: Secrets from the Past

Part 2: Tack Tutorial (not that kind of tack, sorry!)

Remember this video? Well, Cath says to glue the tiny pictures on to the bulletin board, but whoever said they wasn’t another way??? Well, I found one and I decided to make it into a tutorial.

Step 1: Gather supplies.

All you need is some seed beads.


And thin wire that will fit through the beads


Step 2

Cover a small part of the end of the wire in hot glue. I just stuck the end of the wire into the opening of the hot glue gun.


Step 3

Fit ONE bead onto the wire.


Step 4

Put a small drop of glue on top of the bead to cover up any exposed wire.


Step 5

Cut the excess wire off to the length that you desire.


And your done! The end of the tack should stick into the bulletin board, so you don’t have to glue anything onto it.


Sure, it may be a little out of proportion, but it works!

Part 3 of the post.

Whoever can tell me how many horses there are on my home page images gets a smiley face on there blog!

See ya!


Happy Easter (Take Two)

Happy Easter (again >_<)! This time I have a picture.


Not sure if you can see, but there is a small basket of Easter eggs behind Winnie. Awhile ago I made some brown eggs, but they ended up being potatoes. But then I decided, Why not make them into Easter eggs by painting them??? So I did, and they look great!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I would have an Easter picture, but that will have to wait for a little bit. Right now I am at my grandparents house and I just opened my Easter basket, which contained the retired Lippizzanner mare!


Gracie-Amazing Grace

I named her Amazing Grace. Gracie for short. I got the name from Winnie the Horse Gentler Gift Horse.

Have a great Easter!


BB Gun State Championship Part 1

As promised, I am doing a post about the BB gun state championship competition that I went to on Saturday. I only have pictures from last year because the lady who took pictures has not sent me them yet, but I should have them soon! 😉 So, here we go. I woke up at 4 AM so we could coach Neil help check the guns in and set up. On the way there, my dad stopped by Sheetz® so we could get something to eat. After we got set up, we just hung out were the others teams were and waited for the other people on our team to get there. We had our test went everyone from all of the teams was there. While we competitors had our test, the coaches and parents had a meeting on the range. After testing, my team went downstairs were we set up our “base camp” (haha). Below is the order we were shooting in.

A Team                        B Team

Anya                          McKenna

Michael                      Liana

Clayton                      Harry

Tanna                       Matty

Sara                      Shaelyn

Haley                    Carys

Mason                   Naomi

As you can see, I was in the fourth relay, but when Clayton went up, I had to sit in the “Chair of Doom” (as Mrs. VanOstenbridge called it) at the ready line. In my free time, I was able to play on Naomi’s iPad with her and my sister (I should not have said that >_<). I was also reading my book some of the time. When I was finished shooting, because it was a nice day, I was outside lying on my back in the sun reading my book. Shaelyn and Mrs. VanOstenbridge decided to sneek up behind me and make shadow puppets on the pages of my book. We all had a good laugh about that! 🙂 Sadly, Liana and Anya had to leave early for some sort of school program, so they were not there for our team pictures. When we lined up for pictures I was in front of Tara, Michael’s girlfriend (their both about 15). She was just there in case someone could not make it, but everyone did. But anyways, she was in the picture and I was in front of her. but because she is so short, I could not be directly in front of her. Here is one picture from last year to make up for no picture of this year yet!


The coach who was loading for me last year was coach Jeff, but this year I had Colonel Flück. I also have a picture from the rewards night from last year which is this Wednesday night.


an attemped at some names.

front row left to right: Coach Flück, Michael, Me, Naomi, Carys, Ketchup, ?

Behind me is Rebecca, behind Carys is Mckenna. Hiding behind Michael is Sara (I think that one is Sara…) and is the back left to right is coach Jeff and coach Neil.

I will try to have have the pictures from States for this year soon, as well as pictures this years rewards night.

See ya!


Episode 2-Dimension High

I noticed on Wednesday (like, right after I posted on my blog) that DB Productionz posted episode 2 of Dimension High – Welcome to Yoraque.

I am probably going to watch this video as soon as I am done with my school work,(yes, I am homeschooled) but I will probably wait until tomorrow. Like I said before, tomorrow I have the state BB gun championship, and I was planning to practice in my garage as soon I was done with my school work. One of the girls who is going to states, has a iPad, so I may get onto the internet on that to watch Dimension High and another video which does not have to do with horses. On Monday I will probably post some pictures from states from this year and last; also, I have a picture with a display I did not BB Guns for my homeschool co-op’s Learning Fair (kind of like a science fair). probably will be posting all the videos for Dimension High on here, so check about every week for a new video!

Have a good weekend!


Thanks Schleich!

No, Schleich does not have a WordPress account (as far as I am concerned).

A while back (like, last month) I sent a letter to the Schleich company. I was really supposed to write a letter to the president, but I did not want to so I wrote one to the Schleich company. Today I got a response. I was not really expecting to get a response, but I got one, and with it came the Schleich Knabstrupper mare! I have a picture for you here.

Majesty-Majestic Love

I am sooo excited about this! So thank you sooooo much Schleich if you are listening! 😉 🙂 😉 I already have this mare, but I definitely did not expect to receive a horse in the mail! 🙂 I have not decided on a name for her yet, so I am going to need some suggestions! I was somewhat thinking about something with Dream…