Stand Alone Stall

Hello Everyone!

So I finally got around to taking pictures and making a post of the stand alone stall I made, um, last September?

Originally I made if for Luna, but I have switched horses around a LOT.

Luna Standing Stall_02

To see the tutorial I used, go here.

Luna Standing Stall_01

Luna with Ebony. We had Luna in here when she had Ebony last Fall.

Traveler Standing Stall_01

We then had to move them out while Traveler was on stall rest after he injured himself on a fallen tree.Traveler Standing Stall_02


I had Gracie and Buddy in there for a photo shoot the other day.


And then Molly Sue and Rosie Sunshine were in the stall over the holidays.IMG_7082

New photos coming soon!

Also, I would LOVE to have suggestions for a new photo shoot. So please leave some!


First Attempts

A while ago I made a leather saddle of the leather working category for my local fairs.


This came from a tutorial from Daisy Stalls on YouTube.

Mine definately doesn’t look as good as hers.


However, I do like the detail I put into it.


I had my mom singe the ends of the ribbon so that they would fray.


It is real leather, so the edges are not as neat as I would have liked.


I hope you enjoyed this.


Snap on a Saddle Charm

A few weeks ago, my riding instructor from Australia went home. I decided to make her a saddle charm to thank her for being my riding instructor and so that she would always remember me.

Snap on a Saddle Charm

The emoji charm I made out of clay.

Snap on a Saddle Charm

If you want to make one, I used a tutorial from Young Rider.


I didn’t have any leather lace on hand, so I used lead rope tutorial from Desktop Stables.

You can also see my lovely pegasus earings.


Anyways, see ya soon!🐎


Salad Anyone?


A little while I made a tiny salad for my Schleich girls.


I guess it is some sort of strawberry🍓 and carrot🥕 salad.

The strawberries came from a cane tutorial by SugarCharmShop.

Mine don’t look half as good as hers.


But at least there still small.

One more thing. Strawberries🍓 or carrots🥕? Leave your answer in the comments!

Black Board

Hello everyone! Right now I am on vacation so this post is going to be relatively short. First (since it won’t take long) DB Productionz uploaded episode 6 of Dimension High: Portal Quarrels ✨

Next, I promised filliefanatic that I would make a tutorial for something she may want. I must inform you first, this was not my idea. It originally came from an American Girl DIY French cafe book, or something like that. Anyways, sorry I have no pictures, I have not done this myself (yet).

supplies: black board of size you want, chalk, printer.

  1. If you want, you can out line your black board in coffee stirrers if it does not already have a border.
  2. Go to Google and choose the design/words that you want and print them out at the size that you want.
  3. Cut out the design/words and color the entire back of the paper with chalk.
  4. Lay the paper with your design/words on the black board, then trace and color in the design/words on the paper with a pencil (it’s okay if you scribble😜)
  5. Take away the paper and the chalk should have come of the paper were the design/words were. 🎊

And Congratulations! You have a beautiful Black board design! It may also work with a white board, but I am not sure…

But I am going to have to try this some day. Maybe I will make some sort of back drop…

Multi Part Post

Okay, so today is a multi-part post.

Part 1:
So DB Productionz posted episode three of Dimension High: Secrets from the Past

Part 2: Tack Tutorial (not that kind of tack, sorry!)

Remember this video? Well, Cath says to glue the tiny pictures on to the bulletin board, but whoever said they wasn’t another way??? Well, I found one and I decided to make it into a tutorial.

Step 1: Gather supplies.

All you need is some seed beads.


And thin wire that will fit through the beads


Step 2

Cover a small part of the end of the wire in hot glue. I just stuck the end of the wire into the opening of the hot glue gun.


Step 3

Fit ONE bead onto the wire.


Step 4

Put a small drop of glue on top of the bead to cover up any exposed wire.


Step 5

Cut the excess wire off to the length that you desire.


And your done! The end of the tack should stick into the bulletin board, so you don’t have to glue anything onto it.


Sure, it may be a little out of proportion, but it works!

Part 3 of the post.

Whoever can tell me how many horses there are on my home page images gets a smiley face on there blog!

See ya!