A Short Trip

Recently, a few of the boarders here at Western Star Stables ventured out into the wild west of Arizona for rodeos and a bit of site-seeing.

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Sweetheart and Pegasus had a great time playing by the lake
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Wyatt had the opportunity to work more with Stormy
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He was even able to mount her after a few days of hard work

Everyone had a great time at the rodeo and exploring the mountains in the area

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Even Brighty had fun scrambling over the rocks!
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Everyone had a great time while in Arizona and are hoping to return in the future.


Into the Spotlight… Sweetheart!

Hello everyone! Today I have another Into the Spotlight post for you all. I know it’s been awhile (like a long while) so let’s get right into it.

Today’s Into the Spotlight as you already saw is about Sweetheart.

Sweetheart, or Rodeo Sweetheart, a beautiful paint mare, is one of the most prized mares at Western Star Stables, as she has won many many buckles in countless rodeos with her owner, Jen.

Sweetheart has also had a few foals with our paint stallion, Texas, including her newest foal, Pegasus.

Jen and some of the other riders recently went on tour for rodeoing in Arizona, and as you may guess, Sweetheart competed, and did us here at the stables very proud.

Even though she is a little older, Sweetheart is still going strong and will hopefully be able to show for many more years.


Schleich Team Roping

I know I said I would post about this earlier, but I’ve had a lot on my hands since then. So here we go.

For Christmas this year I was able to purchase the Schleich Team Roping Set. I was really happy to get it and was very excited about welcoming our first male rider.


Will riding Koda

Will came to Western Star on Christmas in Titus’s truck. He had come the night before to grab the truck and trailer so he could bring his mare and calf over. Everyone was oblivious.


Working with Snowflake

Everyone was surprised. Titus not as much since he knew Will was coming at one point.


Will and his mare Sapphire are professional ropers and will hopefully be bringing home some gold at the next horse shows.


Trail Ride!

As I mentioned earlier, Will also brought along his calf, Molasses.


Fitting in with the rest of the herd

Sorry I haven’t being posting lately, I will hopefully have more time to do so in the future. Also, if you all would be interested in seeing some super cute foals, just go to https://foalpatrol.com/ for live stream of mares that are having foals or already have.


Down Below Photos

So, the other day me and my sister took some of our horses down to the bottom of our driveway.


Will and Sapphire. Will is something I bought myself for Christmas. I bought myself a Christmas present this year, and I decided to get the Schleich Team Roping Set. I’ll do a post on it later.


Will knew Titus before he came to Western Star. The night before Christmas, he came and snuck Titus’s truck and trailer away in order to get his horse and calf to the barn. He’s a rodeo boy at heart, and sings like an angel (err, George Strait). So when he showed up on Christmas morning in Titus’s truck, he was playin’ and singin’ Amarillo By Morning with the King of Country.

willsnowflakeWill working with Snowflake. Also, Will’s last name is McDaniel. No relation to Amber McDaniel.


Trail Ride. Sam’s riding Coffee Cake, Jen’s riding Sam, and Will’s riding Sapphire.


Bailey eating the sun.


The cattle herd. Left to right: Molasses, Rocky, no name, Buddy, and Moose.


Trail riding again. Jen’s riding Tawil, Will’s riding Shasta, and Sam’s riding Blackfire.

I should have a post about the horses I got for Christmas within the week!


For the Dogs

This post is going to the dogs!

Last Saturday, my sister and I had a soccer game in York county, and we brought Coffee Cake, Sam, and a few new editions with us.


I’m swimming!!!

Meet Sparky, the Schleich Dalmatian puppy.🐕 She’s named after the Dog Diaries Horse Diaries cross over.




Who is u?

My sister got Sparky, another dog, and donkey, and some cows for her birthday this year.


I really like this picture. The way Sparky is molded makes her perfect for photo shoots like this one.




I can rock climb, too!


This is piper, she is the Schleich Donkey foal and she is adorable!



Coffee Cake and Piper.


Get off ma face!!!


It was a long day.


Sparky who’s your friend?

The other dog is Bon Bon, the Schleich French Bulldog. My sister named her after an American Girl doll Girl of the Year’s dog.




I do believe that everyone had fun while we were there!


There was a crevice just big enough for Sparky to slide down, and I think she liked it.


“While your at it, scratch my butt!”

~Dude🐕 Disney Descendants 2

I hope you all like this post!

See Ya!





Photo Shoot

I was able to go back to Virginia again earlier this month. Sadly, I had to miss when Sam left for the year, but I did end up having fun.

While I was away, I was able to take quite a few photos.

Gracie Racetrack_01

One place we went to was called Stable Craft Brewery. They have the best food, so if you’re going to Virginia, go check it out! One of the best parts about this place is that they have horses EVERYWHERE!!! You’re allowed to wander the property looking for them, too. All the decor inside was horse-y as well and the bathroom stalls looked like real stalls! They also had a race track for pony racing, and I was able to take a few pictures on it with Gracie and Rose Briar.

Gracie Racetrack_03

Gracie on the track.

Rose Briar Racetrack_01

Rose Briar Racetrack_02

I think that the mares throughly enjoyed themselves while they were exploring the place.

Rose Briar Stallway_01

Sorry about the bad lighting on Rose Briar’s photos. I had left her in the car not thinking I’d have time to take pictures of them, and I didn’t realize I wanted pictures with her until it was some what dark, so her pictures didn’t turn out as well as the others.

Creekside Trailride_01

Another thing we did was go on a hike down to President Herbert Hoover’s personal retreat: Rapidan Camp. Jen and Erika decided to take Rose Briar and Dakota for a trail ride instead of walking to the camp.

Creekside Trailride_02

We had a bit of a dilemma on the way down…

Creekside Trailride_03Creekside Trailride_04

The girls switched horses for the ride home. There was a bridge close to the camp and Jen thought it would be a good exercise for Dakota and Rose Briar to be less spooky when crossing bridges. All went well except the fact that Erika had to reach over and help pull Dakota onto the bridge.

Creekside Trailride_05

On their way back, the girls reached the river and decided to let the horses play a bit.


Creekside Trailride_08

Time to go swimming!

I was also able to take some pictures of the mares without tack.

Rose Briar Creek_02

Dakota Waterfall_01

Rose Briar Creek_03




A Relaxing Trail Ride

Before I jumping into Horse Camp over the next few days, I wanted to share some pictures I took around the beginning of July.


Winnie and the girls decided to explore the property and meet up at the creek around lunch time.


Erika took Molly Sue over the rocky pass close behind Lucy. I think they look rather pretty on the rocks.


Like I said before, she wasn’t far behind Lucy on Teddy Bear. They, too, took the rocky pass however Lucy wanted to stay closer to the woods.


Taylor, riding Starlight, and Amber, riding Luna, went through a meadow-y area along another section of the woods.


Jen, being herself, arrived at the creek first with Dallas.


Winnie and Sugarcoat went along the bottom of the rocks.


After they met up at the rocks, the girls let their horses take a drink while they talked about what they hope to do the rest of this summer.


Starlight being Starlight started splashing in the creek like a foal. The girls had quite a laugh about it.


I do believe that Luna enjoyed the water the most.

Also on that day, I was able to capture some pictures of some local wild horses.

Nelson's Herd_01

They were spotted at the same creek that Jen and the girls had met at earlier.

Nelson's Herd_02

It was adorable to see the foals splashing around in the same creek that Starlight had kicked up her heels in previously that day.

Nelson's Herd_03

The girls saw these horses on their way back to the barn and decided that the palomino mare was the prettiest. At least Taylor did.

Nelson's Herd_04

Winnie thought the leopard Appaloosa and her blanket Appaloosa were the prettiest thought Jen strongly disagreed, saying that were no match for Hotspot and her foals.

Nelson's Herd_05

The little Buckskin foal was a hit with her teasing at the other foals.

Nelson's Herd_07

Nelson's Herd_06

Amber, Erika, and Lucy agreed that the lead stallion was the prettiest. They loved how magnificently he stood on the ledge and watch over his mares and foals.

Dakota Nikki

The girls also spotted one of the mares’ and her foal running towards the creek.



More Vacation Pictures

Another vacation from June and I haven’t shared pictures. Some times I just really annoy myself. Anyways, here we go.


I was able to get a few pictures of Buttermilk looking of the cliff.


I think I like this one best.


Autumn had fun climbing on all the rocks.


Another view with Buttermilk.




More Rocks.


Buttermilk and Autumn insisted on having a picture together.


Sweetheart along a fence.


Texas decided he wanted to try to jump. Luckily he stuck the landing.


Belinda was interested in the garden and insisted on having her picture taken with all her favorite vegetables.



Teddy Bear and Hotspot decided to have a game of chase.


I thought Hotspot would look good against the pole. I like the look of the distressed white paint against her Appaloosa coat.




Playing tag around the poll.


Teddy Bear and Hotspot on the porch. BTW, the location is a Freedman’s house over by James Madison’s Montpelier.

We were able to go to the Shenandoah National Park where we saw a BUNCH of bears and deer.


So that is all for this post. See you all next time!





Feeling Beachy

Y’all, it has been, like, FOREVER since I posted! So, so sorry about that. Anywho, I decided it was about time to tell everyone about my trip the beach in May. (See how far behind I am!?)

So let’s get started. I only took pictures of my model at the first beach we went to, but who cares!? (Well, maybe I do…)



Nelson walking on the beach.


Checking out the bushes. (Faxa)


Nelson and Faxa trapped in the sand. No, Nelson is not disloyal to Dakota, he and Faxa just happened to be the two horses I decided to bring along that day.

Here are a few pictures I took of other things I saw at the beach


I also got some decent pictures of the wild ponies on Assateague!


Thanks for reading y’all! I will hopefully have a post with pictures from Virginia and some from Horse Camp soon.

See ya!





Schleich Photography.

So after I got those pictures for my Schleich Haul post, I let them run around my yard.




Some how Meikko made it up onto the rocks.


Careful Sassafras don’t fall!!!

She did fall, but something happened to that picture. (suspicious tone)

(muffled yelling from Amber) Don’t look at me!



Lily, how did you get down in the Mums???🌸




I think Koda and Cholate S’mores found the straw bale on my porch.


Forgot to mention, I also got the retired alpaca female, who I name Chocolate S’mores. Her baby’s name is Peanut Butter S’mores.

After they were all tuckered out, I made sure they got in there proper pastures and where situated before leaving them to make friends with the rest of the horses. Pictures shoudl be up on The Herd page!

See ya!