Schleich Horse Club Advent Day 12 & 13

Hello my peeps! Guess what! I’m on the worship team in Student Ministries at my church! It’s so exciting! So today I’m doing days 12 and 13 because they’re kind of bland by themselves, and I wanna get finished with these as soon as possible.


Silver feed rack.IMG_4472IMG_4473

Here it is in Nickers’ pasture.


Stickers with Arabian stallion.

Okay, I have a few announcements for everyone.

1, My stable has moved! We were spring cleaning my sister and my bedroom and my mom told me I needed to move the stable. So, I have the horses in my basement. The barn, fencing, and arena are packed away and the horses are being used like people. (umm, watch DB Productionz Dimension High and you’ll know what I mean.

2, I got a new horse!!!


Nickers’ foal, Princess!IMG_4686

Sorry about the bad quality photos. I’ll see if I can get better ones.

3, If y’all would like to see my awesome video that I made, EMAIL ME!!!!! Minki, I tried your suggestion, but it didn’t work. So, unless I get YouTube, which is highly unlikely, email me if you want to see it; and trust me, it’s a pretty good video.

That’s all.



Waddup peeps?

I made a video with my sister yesterday with my model horses. I’d love to post it here, but I need to have premium, which I don’t. So, if you want to see the video, email me. If you don’t have my email, just ask. But on one condition, don’t use it for evil! ๐Ÿ™‚


Guess Where I am!!!

You guys will never guess where I am right now! I’ve made it to the BB gun state championship competition! I’ll try to get you guys a few pictures sooner or later. Wish me luck!


Schleich Horse Club Advent Day 6

Good morning! Advent days are back!


Schleich special edition Shetland foal. Cookie!!!


This little baby has officially stolen my heart!


Her mama? You guessed it! Marshmallow. She woke Taylor up at 4:00AM, which made her extra grumpy the next day.


Switch It Up

Good Morning! Instead of an advent post today I’ll be telling you guys about something my sister and I received from Schleich not to long ago. A while ago my sister send a letter to Schleich for school complaining about some faulty products. In return, Schleich sent us an entire box with horse products.


Overview of all the stuff they sent us.IMG_4510

First, the new Schleich Hanoverian mare.IMG_4511

Mocha, no show name yet, but I’m open for suggestions!IMG_4512

Her only fault is some marks on her back, but that should be an easy fix for a magic eraser. ๐Ÿ™‚IMG_4514IMG_4515


Quennie, the Schleich Clydesdale mare. Again, no show name, but I’m open for suggestions. ๐Ÿ™‚


Her tail and mane have bows, which I think is really cute.IMG_4520

Yeah! Now Jingle Bells has her mother!


Tinkerbelle and Luna seem to have interest in her. Which is good.IMG_4522

Blossom. This one my sister took. They’re all her’s, but she let me have Queenie and Mocha. The letter from Schleich said she’s not even releasted yet. We’re thinking she might be a Conemara pony. Any show name suggestions?IMG_4523IMG_4524IMG_4525

Guess were the name came from? Obvious! The flowers in her mane, which are SOOO adorable!IMG_4526

Purple and magenta blanket and halter, which are amazing colors!IMG_4527IMG_4528

Also a pink halter.IMG_4529

And a curry comb, body brush, and carrots.IMG_4530

Brown plaid blanket with halter.IMG_4532

Wash stall!IMG_4533

I really like the “rubber” mat at the bottom. It makes the set look so much more real.IMG_4534

I also really like the ring for tying up.IMG_4536

Hose nozzle, and Zoey’s boots. Welcome to Western Star Zoey! You’re our fourth groom!IMG_4537

I really like this bucket as well.IMG_4538

I made these a little later on. They’ll be in a future post.IMG_4539

It also came with this amazing saddle horse and saddle and bridle.


And Alaska, or The Last Frontier. The Schleich special edition Hanoverian stallion.IMG_4648IMG_4649IMG_4540

Here’s another saddle that we got.IMG_4541

And another.

Hope you guys like this post! Advent pictures will start again tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜€