Has This Happened to Anyone Else?

Okay, so recently, I’ve been getting these spam comments that make absolutely no sense. Some of them seem to have a story, but everything is miss spelled and has nothing to do with the post. People are even commenting on pictures, which really bugs me. I have blocked the users that make the comments, but they keep showing up. Has this happened to you gals? If so, could you tell me? Also, anyone have a suggestion on how to stop spam comments for good? Thanks!


P.S. Interesting post coming soon!

Winter Retreat 2018

So this past week was my church’s Winter Retreat. Well, actually, I was the Student Ministries Winter Retreat. You can go here. This years theme was Set Me Free. At about 2:39 you can see me in a flannel shirt. If your wondering, that was part of my groups talent show act. We did a “Spectrum on guy0girl relation ships”. I was best friend and during the time you see in the video, I’m supposed to be taking a selfie with a friend. Ahem, best friend. Another part where you can see me is at 3:14. You can see me in a big bun and a black headband (maybe). During the retreat we had two teams: Team Bigfoot (my groups team), and Team Yeti. Of course, my team won. But they didn’t say by how much.

Another highlight of the retreat was the videos we watched: Ministry Matters

Episode one:

Episode two:

Episode three:

My favorite episode was definitely three.

During free time on Saturday, I did the zipline and the giant swing. I sadly ran out of time to do the rock wall. Like every other year (I’m usuming since this is my first year) we got shirts.

I think that’s all. Hope you enjoyed this post!



As some of you may know, I received the Schleich Horse Club advent calendar for Christmas again. So far, I have opened one a day starting January 1st. Today happened to be a Papillon puppy.

Papllion dog

It looks kind of like this. Since I just got it today, I’d don’t have any pictures. HOWEVER, I at a lose for names (Towaco? At a lose for names? Is she ill or something??). Anywho, if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments. Also, After the 24th, I’ll try to make a post with all of the items I got in the advent calendar.


Into the Spotlight… Charger!

If anyone asks, I didn’t have anything else to do that involved pictures that are already uploaded onto this computer.

Charger is a Tennessee Walker stallion and he has a white body with a black mane and tail. Charger has had two foals with our Tennessee Walker mare, Tennessee Rose. Their foals are Lily (one year), and Sparks (9 months).

Charger-Shut Up and Dance with Me

As he is pretty photogenic, it is no surprise that Sugarcoat, stallion-less as she is, seems to be attracted to him. Charger is also a blue ribbon winner. He won first place in Dressage county fun show through states as that is his specialty. Charger also does regular English, but the girls here at Western Star seem to like to use other horses in English pleasure.

Charger-Shut Up and Dance with Me

Because he is admired by so many stallion-less mares, Charger can get a bit full of himself at times, which causes him to be hard to handle.

Sorry this was a little shorter than usual. I really need my mom to upload pictures so that I can make more posts about new models. Bye!



Into the Spotlight… Sam!

So, I finally got around to another Into the Spotlight post! A while ago I promised to do Sam, so here we go!

Sam is one of the special edition Trakehner stallions. He came with the Barrel Racing set from Schleich’s Farm World.


As some of you may know, Sam is named after the horse I ride over the summer at the YMCA camp. Sam has won first place in barrel racing at the fun, district, county, and state shows this past year. He has also competed in Western pleasure (First place at Districts and State, second and third at the rest), pole pending (Second in fun, and county and first in districts and state). He has also competed in team roping along side of Hotspot and Taylor (Jen is his owner).


Sam is also trained to English, as Taylor sometimes uses him for English lessons, but he doesn’t compete in shows for English.

So far, Sam has not sired any foals, although we at Western Star Stables are looking to breed him with Starlight next time Starlight is in heat. Sam lives in the stallions pasture (duh!) were he normally hangs out with Rodeo and Dallas, our other Trakehners. Sam is pretty gentle which makes him great for a lesson horse.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and have a great rest of your week!