A Short Trip

Recently, a few of the boarders here at Western Star Stables ventured out into the wild west of Arizona for rodeos and a bit of site-seeing.

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Sweetheart and Pegasus had a great time playing by the lake
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Wyatt had the opportunity to work more with Stormy
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He was even able to mount her after a few days of hard work

Everyone had a great time at the rodeo and exploring the mountains in the area

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Even Brighty had fun scrambling over the rocks!
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Everyone had a great time while in Arizona and are hoping to return in the future.


Into the Spotlight… Sweetheart!

Hello everyone! Today I have another Into the Spotlight post for you all. I know it’s been awhile (like a long while) so let’s get right into it.

Today’s Into the Spotlight as you already saw is about Sweetheart.

Sweetheart, or Rodeo Sweetheart, a beautiful paint mare, is one of the most prized mares at Western Star Stables, as she has won many many buckles in countless rodeos with her owner, Jen.

Sweetheart has also had a few foals with our paint stallion, Texas, including her newest foal, Pegasus.

Jen and some of the other riders recently went on tour for rodeoing in Arizona, and as you may guess, Sweetheart competed, and did us here at the stables very proud.

Even though she is a little older, Sweetheart is still going strong and will hopefully be able to show for many more years.


Into the Spotlight… Coffee Cake!

So, I’m trying to work on making Into the Spotlight posts for all of the horses so I can change The Herd page.

Coffee Cake_01

Coffee Cake, or WSS’s Cloud Clap is our Quarter Horse stallion with a cream colored body and a brown mane and tail. Coffee Cake is best friends with Texas. Coffee Cake has fathered one foal since we got him last summer. He was able to bring him some ribbons in the local shows. He is owned by Samantha Forester, one of our very promenent boarders. 


Coffee Cake is a strong worker and works amazing with our cattle. He will hopefully be put up for breeding with in the next two years. 




Into the Spotlight… Domino!

Domino is a piebald Tinker or Gypsy Vanner stallion. He is Gypsy’s sire and Tinkerbelle’s mate. Domino is also besties with Buck our Clydesdale gelding.


Domino is named after one of the horses in DB Productionz A Fault in Love series. Domino isn’t usually ridden for shows, but the girls do enjoy riding him bareback around the stables every now and then. After some recent DNA tests, we have discovered that King is Domino’s father! Coal_DominoSnow

Domino has had a few foals since being at Western Star, his most recent is with Tinkerbelle. 


I should have a post soon with updates about this blog an my riding. 






Schleich Team Roping

I know I said I would post about this earlier, but I’ve had a lot on my hands since then. So here we go.

For Christmas this year I was able to purchase the Schleich Team Roping Set. I was really happy to get it and was very excited about welcoming our first male rider.


Will riding Koda

Will came to Western Star on Christmas in Titus’s truck. He had come the night before to grab the truck and trailer so he could bring his mare and calf over. Everyone was oblivious.


Working with Snowflake

Everyone was surprised. Titus not as much since he knew Will was coming at one point.


Will and his mare Sapphire are professional ropers and will hopefully be bringing home some gold at the next horse shows.


Trail Ride!

As I mentioned earlier, Will also brought along his calf, Molasses.


Fitting in with the rest of the herd

Sorry I haven’t being posting lately, I will hopefully have more time to do so in the future. Also, if you all would be interested in seeing some super cute foals, just go to https://foalpatrol.com/ for live stream of mares that are having foals or already have.


Down Below Photos

So, the other day me and my sister took some of our horses down to the bottom of our driveway.


Will and Sapphire. Will is something I bought myself for Christmas. I bought myself a Christmas present this year, and I decided to get the Schleich Team Roping Set. I’ll do a post on it later.


Will knew Titus before he came to Western Star. The night before Christmas, he came and snuck Titus’s truck and trailer away in order to get his horse and calf to the barn. He’s a rodeo boy at heart, and sings like an angel (err, George Strait). So when he showed up on Christmas morning in Titus’s truck, he was playin’ and singin’ Amarillo By Morning with the King of Country.

willsnowflakeWill working with Snowflake. Also, Will’s last name is McDaniel. No relation to Amber McDaniel.


Trail Ride. Sam’s riding Coffee Cake, Jen’s riding Sam, and Will’s riding Sapphire.


Bailey eating the sun.


The cattle herd. Left to right: Molasses, Rocky, no name, Buddy, and Moose.


Trail riding again. Jen’s riding Tawil, Will’s riding Shasta, and Sam’s riding Blackfire.

I should have a post about the horses I got for Christmas within the week!


Stand Alone Stall

Hello Everyone!

So I finally got around to taking pictures and making a post of the stand alone stall I made, um, last September?

Originally I made if for Luna, but I have switched horses around a LOT.

Luna Standing Stall_02

To see the tutorial I used, go here.

Luna Standing Stall_01

Luna with Ebony. We had Luna in here when she had Ebony last Fall.

Traveler Standing Stall_01

We then had to move them out while Traveler was on stall rest after he injured himself on a fallen tree.Traveler Standing Stall_02


I had Gracie and Buddy in there for a photo shoot the other day.


And then Molly Sue and Rosie Sunshine were in the stall over the holidays.IMG_7082

New photos coming soon!

Also, I would LOVE to have suggestions for a new photo shoot. So please leave some!


Decorating for Christmas

So, I moved my stable up to my bedroom again due to holiday affairs.


The stallions pasture and minis/Shetland pastures are under my bed, as well as the mini barn, round pen, and winner’s circle.


Sorry for the crappy quality photos.



We have a second stallions pasture where the old one was. This time it just has western stallions.


We also have a paddock under my sister’s dresser where Abelard resides. He’s finally getting into the Christmas spirit with his winter-y hat.


Belinda and Faxa share the paddock next to Luna’s stand alone stall. I’ll catch up on that later. 😀


Currently, Mollie Sue is in Luna’s stall.


And there’s Rosie Sunshine!!!


And then there’s the puppies. They’re just so darn cute!


On to the exciting part.

I finally set up the stable for Christmas! Yeah!


I have the lights in the main barn again. Taylor’s getting Starlight out for an exercise.


Amber and Winnie Riding Luna and Blackfire/Coal. I still have to get lights in here, but I decided that getting pictures up was more important.


Erika riding Queenie and leading Jingle Bells.

See ya!



King-King of Country

Recently I got a new horse. Actually, he is a very old retired horse.

His name is King, his show name is King of Country and he is the originally (I think) Tinker/Gypsy Vanner stallion.


I’m so happy that I got this horse. He is sooooo cute!


Look at dat face!


I really like this model and I am so lucky to have him.


Hangin’ out with his new bestie Domino.

Look for up coming Christmas-y posts!