Schleich Haul

Hey guys! Since my birthday was last week, I have accumulated more horses.

So I FINALLY got pictures uploaded, so here are the beauties.


Diamond, or Diamond in the Rough.💎


Diamond💎 is the retired Hanoverian colt, and I am in love with him!


I love how Schleich made it look as though he is really walking.

For those of you who don’t know, I prefer to collect retired Schleich, as my chances of finding them in the future are slim.

Rose Briar and Diamond

And just a picture of him and his mom just because they look really cool together.

Teddy Bear-Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Bear or Theodore Roosevelt.

Teddy Bear-Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Bear is the retired Dartmoor stallion. I have no clue when they retired him, so if any of you know, please tell me.

Teddy Bear-Theodore Roosevelt

He’s so CUTE!!!!!

Koda-I am not Musical

Then we have Koda, or I am not Musical.🎶

Koda-I am not Musical

Koda is the retired Hanoverian stallion and Diamond’s💎 dad.


Then we have Hotspot, or Apache Hotspot.


Hotspot is the retired Appaloosa mare.


Yeah, I know, it’s her butt. But I really like how Schleich made her snowflake pattern.❄


She’s also squared up almost perfectly.❤


And Hotspot’s foal (who is actually a yearling), Dawn or Dawn Runner. But I’m leaning towards re-naming her Sugar. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know!💙 💚 💛 💜 ❤


So she is the retired Appaloosa foal/yearling, AND Dreamer’s big sister.


Again, I really like how Schleich gave her a snowflake pattern.❄


MEIKKO!!!!!!!!😍 Oh, my word! I love this guy so much!


Meikko currently does not have a show name, but he is name after my friend’s mini. And since the real Meikko has a show name, I’m going to ask my friend what her mini’s show name is.


Lily or Tennessee Lily.🌷


Lily is the retired Tennessee Walker yearling AND Sparks’ big sister. As of this year, she and the next horse have been retired two years.


Again, her feet are very nicely squared up, which is great when she’s in-hand showing.

Sassafras-Sassafras Tea

Last horse! Sassafras or Sassafras Tea.☕

Sassafras-Sassafras Tea

Sassafras is the retired Shire foal. Sadly, Schleich hasn’t retired either of her parents yet, so she just hangs out with Jack and Jingle Bells.🎄

Sassafras-Sassafras Tea

There is one thing that I don’t really like about her; and that is that it always looks like she’s shedding, even in the middle of winter.❄


The last thing I got was a Western saddle and bridle. Here is it on Koda.


And the other side.


And on Hotspot.


And the other side.

Thank you guys so much for sticking with me in this terribly long post. More pictures of them up soon!



P.S. A special thanks to (HorseLover4Ever) Elizabeth for being follower number 7! Yeah!💖 I’m still hoping to get to 10 followers by Christmas, so if you haven’t hit that follow button, go ahead and do that now. See ya!





6 thoughts on “Schleich Haul

  1. I wonder where you got the name Koda….. Do you know where your people found those for you? I know last Christmas my parents got me the Tenn. Walker mare, Andalusian filly, and Fjord mare out of a Tractor Supply cart full of all the retired horses(hopefully that will happen again), and Teddy Bear was retired in 2015.
    This website is for model animal collectors, and has lists for a lot of brands like Schleich and Breyer with retired and new animals. Hope that helps!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Koda came from two places, one of the horses at the YMCA where I ride is named Koda, and Horse Diaries #3. As for getting them, My grandma takes me shopping for my birthday, and I normally go to The Choo Choo Barn in Strausburg, JB Zimmermans and Tractor Supply in New Holland, Ken’s Educational Joys in Ephrata and Shady Maple over towards Honeybrook. Most of the time, I just look around the display cases until I see a horse I know is retired.


      • That’s a lot of places! All I have is Tractor Supply, occasionally Walmart(I only saw that once) and Amazon. And I think that Blue Seal Feeds has a display of Schleich, but I have not been there recently, and if there was then I would probably have another horse by now because Dad’s been there twice and he would usually get me a horse or saddle or something if I was not there. ❤ And I guess that you are like me and have all of the Schleich horses memorized? (The catalog is my A #1 place to go when I'm bored…)

        Liked by 1 person

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