A Few Updates

Today I started to read Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. I only had to read three chapters, and so far I think that is a good book.

I found out a little while ago that Schleich has an Instagram page! And so does my favorite YouTube channel, Schleich Horse Lover 200.

I have also tried to take pictures on my mom’s camera so I can upload them onto the computer so I can post them here. But I have a picture from Amazon of the Advent Calender.

I did take a really good picture of some of my mares that I will try to post (eventually…).  Just so I have another picture, here is a random one I took a while ago.2016-sep-03-575

And I have a picture of the Horse Show complex I got for Christmas.

Big Horse Show with Riders and Horses

Final Day

I have mixed feelings about today. But I got the mare. She is a beautiful white Mustang mare. Her name is Snowflake. You may know that I already have a horse named Snowflake, so I changed the horses name that was Snowflake, to Snowfall. Similar, but different. Winnie is her owner, I closed out Sugarcoat from her pasture area for the time being and I put Snowflake and her foal Tempest in there. I will try to have a picture soon.

Day 21-23

Day 21: A basket for Kitty Softpaws. I think that it is used in other Schleich sets because the inside has engravings that look like fruit.

Day 22: A plaid blanket for the basket. I have to horse blankets of the same fabric.

Day 23: Even more stickers, these have one with Kitty Softpaws on it.

tomorrow is the final day, it is kind of sad, but also exciting.

Day 19 and 20

Day 19: I got a blue bowl and a red bowl, they are fused together. the red bowl is supposed to look like it have milk in it, and the blue bowl is empty.

Day 20: I got the cat! She is a gorgeous gray tabby cat. I named her Kitty Soft Paws, after Kitty Soft Paws in the movie Puss in Boots. You should watch it some time. I bet you know what the bowls I got yesterday are for!

Advent Days 7-18

Sorry I have not kept you up to date.

Day 7: Some stickers with Melinda on one

Day 8: Purple beets

Day 9: a tan soft brush and a green handled hoof pick

Day 10: a pitchfork which I put in the new barn

Day 11: a small pile of hay that you can stick the pitchfork in. I put it in the pasture with the Trakheners.

Day 12: Tiny story booklet part two

Day 13: pink and brown plaid blanket with tan edging and a light pink halter

Day 14: a crate that I put the beets in

Day 15: Carrots! I put them in Majesty’s stall

Day 16: this time with Tempest and her mom

Day 17: deep blue bucket with a silver handle. great for hauling around carrots

Day 18: a pile of green apples which I put in the crate with the beets.

Once again I will try to keep you posted with what I get daily (Like that will actually happen).

P.S. I made a stop motion video with my sister’s Lego Friends, it is soooooo cute!

Merry (very late) Christmas!

Merry Christmas! sorry for being late on posts again. Schoolwork take For-ever! So here is what I got for Christmas. The 23rd we went over to my grandparents on my dad’s side, (they only live in New Holland), me and my siblings each get one big presents, or this year my sister got two Lego sets that amounted to the price of my gift. I got the Schleich Big Horse Show with horses and riders. It came with the blue tournament rider who I named Winnie Willis (after Willie the Horse Gentler…Yeah!) and a show jumper who I named Amber McDaniel, Winnie came riding a white mare who was a gray mane and tail, I named her Sugarcoat (name is taken from a YouTube channel), she does not come with a breed, so I made her a Lipizzaner-Arabian cross. Amber came with a special edition Trakehner stallion who I named Dallas. The complex also came with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons which really hook onto the bridles, a trophy with a removable lid, a champion wreath, and a 2nd place medal. From my parents, I got the Schleich barrel racing set, which comes with a Palomino Trakehner stallion, who looks just like the horse I ride over the summer, so I named him after that gelding, Sam. It also came with two barrels and a Western rider (Duh), I named her Jen Kenworthy. From my mom’s mom, I got the Schleich advent calendar, I started it on December 25th, but stopped at day six and waited to start it again until January 1st, so I restarted from the beginning. So far I have a special edition groom who I name Melinda, a curry comb and hard brush (they actually fit in her hands), a box for the brushes, a little story (it is part one), a sweet-treat to hang in a stall, and a special edition Mustang foal who I named Tempest. From tomorrow on I can try to update and tell you what I get in each day, but only if I find the time.


Schleich North America Barrel Racing with Cowgirl Playset

and Sam, see the similarities?