I Tried

I was not going to make another post until Friday, but I was supposed to add a post for school today. Plus there is yet another video by
Schleich Horse Lover 200.

I also messed up on a previous post. Yes, I really only follow one YouTube channel, but I also watch videos on a number of different channels. I might as well post a video from each channel. So one of the channels is Honeyheartsc

Yes, she did open the 2016 Schleich Advent Calendar. Yes, I only watched up to day 9 >_< (Why did I just say that!?!?) Another channel is
DB Productionz.

This is episode one to her year old Schleich series A Fault in Love. I loved it sooo much! I believe that she is going to be making a series with Schleich horses.Yet another channel is Daisy Stalls.

This is (I think) her most resent barn tour. I do watch a few other channels, but they are not horse related. Also, if you get on YouTube, you can search Second Chance Stables, Lucky Horseshoe Stables and Buckthorn stable. They are not updated as far as I am consered, but they still have some pretty cool videos.


I changed my site icon in case you have not noticed. I think that Is a really goo picture except for the fact that Starlight and Snowflake’s faces got cropped off >_<.


I may change it again with simply a face shot…


Another YouTube video by Schleich Horse Lover 200. I think that I will probably be posting all of her videos on this blog, only because it is something to post and I don’t have much to write about lately. Schleich Horse Lover 200 is, like, the only Schleich YouTube channel that I watch (make that the only YouTube channel that I watch>_<).

Last night I had a 4-H meeting and it turns out that we are going to have a yard sale at some fundraiser horse show. I am supposed to make saddle charms and some model horse tack. We are also going to have officers in 4-H now (like president-vice president, secretary and treasurer). I didn’t get any of the positions, but everybody will get a chance at all the positions that they want. Desktop Stables made a new post yesterday, it was not very exciting. I set up my stable a few days ago, I think that it looks really cool. Also, my mom uploaded a the pictures from her camera Thursday, and I have some really cool pictures that I took that I can’t wait to post on here!

Schleich Horse Lover 200

Okay, so I have a video here from Schleich horse lover 200 if you are interested in her channel.

This is her most recent barn tour. If you go the YouTube and you search Schleich horse lover 200, you should probably be able to find her channel. Her videos are really cool. Here is her most recent video. I have not had a chance to watch it yet, so don’t forget to tell me about it!

I was on her Instagram page a little while ago and there was a picture of a bunch of new Schleich things, so I think that she had her birthday recently.