Into the Spotlight… Sweetheart!

Hello everyone! Today I have another Into the Spotlight post for you all. I know it’s been awhile (like a long while) so let’s get right into it.

Today’s Into the Spotlight as you already saw is about Sweetheart.

Sweetheart, or Rodeo Sweetheart, a beautiful paint mare, is one of the most prized mares at Western Star Stables, as she has won many many buckles in countless rodeos with her owner, Jen.

Sweetheart has also had a few foals with our paint stallion, Texas, including her newest foal, Pegasus.

Jen and some of the other riders recently went on tour for rodeoing in Arizona, and as you may guess, Sweetheart competed, and did us here at the stables very proud.

Even though she is a little older, Sweetheart is still going strong and will hopefully be able to show for many more years.


Into the Spotlight… Coffee Cake!

So, I’m trying to work on making Into the Spotlight posts for all of the horses so I can change The Herd page.

Coffee Cake_01

Coffee Cake, or WSS’s Cloud Clap is our Quarter Horse stallion with a cream colored body and a brown mane and tail. Coffee Cake is best friends with Texas. Coffee Cake has fathered one foal since we got him last summer. He was able to bring him some ribbons in the local shows. He is owned by Samantha Forester, one of our very promenent boarders. 


Coffee Cake is a strong worker and works amazing with our cattle. He will hopefully be put up for breeding with in the next two years. 




Into the Spotlight… Domino!

Domino is a piebald Tinker or Gypsy Vanner stallion. He is Gypsy’s sire and Tinkerbelle’s mate. Domino is also besties with Buck our Clydesdale gelding.


Domino is named after one of the horses in DB Productionz A Fault in Love series. Domino isn’t usually ridden for shows, but the girls do enjoy riding him bareback around the stables every now and then. After some recent DNA tests, we have discovered that King is Domino’s father! Coal_DominoSnow

Domino has had a few foals since being at Western Star, his most recent is with Tinkerbelle. 


I should have a post soon with updates about this blog an my riding. 






Into the Spotlight… Marshmallow!

I thought it was about time for another Into the Spotlight post, so here one is!

Marshmallow or Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte is one of our two Shetland mares. Marshmallow is named after one of the horses I ride over the winter when Sam is away.

Marshmallow-Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

Marshie has one foal, Cookie, but she was fostering another Shetland pony foal until we bought her mother (she still needs a name y’all!).

Marshmallow-Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

Marshmallow is normally used for trail riding, English Pleasure, and In Hand Showing. She has won quick a few ribbons in all of them, mostly blue.

Marshmallow-Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte



One of my favorite things about Marshie is that she has a heart in her tail!


Marsh is Erika’s pony, but sometimes Taylor sneaks a ride on Marshmallow when Erika is away.


Marshmallow is one of the favorites for beginners lessons at here at Western Star, and Erika is currently teaching her to jump and bit, so hopefully, she will be able to be a pony jumper in the future so that she can bring home some more ribbons for WSS.

Next post: Another Into the Spotlight??? Let me know!


Into the Spotlight… Hotspot!

Did y’all get the hint that there was another post today? Well, you should have! For the second post of the day, Into the Spotlight!

Hotspot, or Apache Hotspot, is a blue-blooded, chestnut Appaloosa mare. Currently the location of Hotspot’s stallion, Towaco, is unknown. But she has had two foals with him while they were together: Dreamer (6 months), and Dawn Runner (1 year).

Hotspot-Apache Hotspot

Though Hotspot has no stallion at the moment, Texas has taken up the roll of honorary guardian stallion. Umm, he came up with that. though she is trained in English as well, Hotspot is generally entered in Western events, such as Western Pleasure, which she has won numerous blue ribbons in.


Normally, Hotspot will hang out with some of the other English/Western mares: Buttermilk, Dakota, Holly, Rosie, Sweetheart, Blossom. Oops! Did I say Blossom? Um, I’ll catch everyone up on that one as soon as more pictures get uploaded.


Hotspot’s amazing outdoor picture. So, I believe that is all for Hotspot. We at Western Star, are looking into purchasing an Appaloosa stallion in the not to distant future. So I will see y’all in the next post!




Wait! Don’t go! I forgot one thing! Very important! I’m looking to change my site title, not URL, just the title. BUT, I need suggestions! I was thinking about something like: My Horse Crazy Life, or This Horse Crazy Girl, or something like that. So, I need you to leave your suggestions in the comments! Thanks!

Towaco5oh🦅 Fly, Eagles, Fly!!!



Into the Spotlight… Charger!

If anyone asks, I didn’t have anything else to do that involved pictures that are already uploaded onto this computer.

Charger is a Tennessee Walker stallion and he has a white body with a black mane and tail. Charger has had two foals with our Tennessee Walker mare, Tennessee Rose. Their foals are Lily (one year), and Sparks (9 months).

Charger-Shut Up and Dance with Me

As he is pretty photogenic, it is no surprise that Sugarcoat, stallion-less as she is, seems to be attracted to him. Charger is also a blue ribbon winner. He won first place in Dressage county fun show through states as that is his specialty. Charger also does regular English, but the girls here at Western Star seem to like to use other horses in English pleasure.

Charger-Shut Up and Dance with Me

Because he is admired by so many stallion-less mares, Charger can get a bit full of himself at times, which causes him to be hard to handle.

Sorry this was a little shorter than usual. I really need my mom to upload pictures so that I can make more posts about new models. Bye!



Into the Spotlight… Sam!

So, I finally got around to another Into the Spotlight post! A while ago I promised to do Sam, so here we go!

Sam is one of the special edition Trakehner stallions. He came with the Barrel Racing set from Schleich’s Farm World.


As some of you may know, Sam is named after the horse I ride over the summer at the YMCA camp. Sam has won first place in barrel racing at the fun, district, county, and state shows this past year. He has also competed in Western pleasure (First place at Districts and State, second and third at the rest), pole pending (Second in fun, and county and first in districts and state). He has also competed in team roping along side of Hotspot and Taylor (Jen is his owner).


Sam is also trained to English, as Taylor sometimes uses him for English lessons, but he doesn’t compete in shows for English.

So far, Sam has not sired any foals, although we at Western Star Stables are looking to breed him with Starlight next time Starlight is in heat. Sam lives in the stallions pasture (duh!) were he normally hangs out with Rodeo and Dallas, our other Trakehners. Sam is pretty gentle which makes him great for a lesson horse.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and have a great rest of your week!


Into the Spotlight… Jack!

Hey guys! This time, I decided to do a Halloween themed Into the Spotlight post; so I chose Jack.

Jack-Jack the Pumpkin King

Since he showname is Jack the Pumpkin King🎃, I did him for this post. He showname was inspired by the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Jack is the retired Clydesdale foal. He was originally going to be a filly, but I thought he looked more like a colt. Also, even though he is supposed to be a foal, he’s pretty big compared to the other foals (Yeah, I now, he’s a draft, he’s going to be that way). But anyways, I decided to make him a yearling. Jack hasn’t done much in the show world other than Draft foal in-hand showing; let’s just say he wasn’t the best performer.

Jack-Jack the Pumpkin King

Young as he is, Jack is filly-friend colt-friend with Jingle Bells🔔.


Jack’s dad is Buck, but sadly, his mother is unknown to everyone at Western Star Stables.

Next weeks Into the Spotlight. Another Halloween themed name. Can you guess who? One hint🎃.




Into the Spotlight…Dallas!

Good morning everyone!🍎 As one of my fellow blogger pointed out, I have not done an Into the Spotlight recently, so I decided to do one today. As you have seen, today’s horse is Dallas.

Dallas is a cross between a chestnut and a bay Trakehner stallion. His show name is If there’s a stallion leaving Dallas. Kind of weird, but I like it. Dallas is Starlight’s mate, which makes him Angel’s dad. Sam has been a bit up set that no one has bred him with Starlight though. Despite the disagreement of who Starlight’s official stallion is, Dallas and Sam hangout quite a lot. As Dallas is Amber’s horse, but Jen rides him often, Dallas does both English and neck reigning Western. Amber rides Dallas in jumping, while Jen in Barrel racing and Western pleasure.


Dallas has won many ribbons and trophies fro jumping and Western pleasure, as he is not the greatest at rounding barrels.


As he isn’t very photogenic, Amber hasn’t won any photo competitions with him at all. As Dallas is a very pretty color, everyone wants to ride him, but as soon as the get on, they realize that he is quite fast, but Jen and Amber don’t really like sharing him with complete strangers in the first place.

Any suggestions for next weeks horse? Leave it in the comments! See ya!


Into the Spotlight… Rose Briar!

Hi guys! Time for another Into the Spotlight post. This week, I decided to do our other Hanoverian mare, Rose Briar.

Rose Briar is a cross between a chestnut and a bay Hanoverian mare. If you guys know what you call that color, please tell me! 🙂 At the moment, Rose Briar does not have a foal, so she takes care of Dreamer (As you probably saw yesterday😊). Though Amber has lined up a stallion for her that will arrive around September. 🐴 She currently has no show name, so if you have any suggestions you can comment them below. Rose Briar is besties with Gracie, but she also hangs out with Day Dream. Rose Briar does Jumping and Dressage, but since Amber has only owned her for about a month, she has not been able to compete her in any shows, though she is planning to enter her in the county show in two weeks.

Briar-Rose Briar

Despite the fact the Belle is a snot to her, Rose Briar is trying to be nice to her. Amber bought Rose Briar from JB Zimmermans farms, Lucy also bought her Fjord mare from the farm.

Briar-Rose Briar

As she is very photogenic, Amber is very confident that Rose Briar will win quite a few shows. Rose Briar is also very gentle, which makes her great for kids. Though Amber doesn’t really like other people riding her (pointed cough).

But anyways, hope you guys liked this post!

One last thing, if I had an Etsy shop, would you guys buy from me???