I am Not Dead!

My dudes! I’m still alive! Sorry for not posting recently, my schedule has been like “😬” and my life is like “😧”. So, I have a few life updates. I have an upcoming show, so that’s all “😁”. I was going to ride a different mare than the one I’m riding for barrel racing and pole bending, but I decided it’s better to stay with the mare I have since the show is Memorial Day weekend. (Gracious, is it only two weeks away?😲). Anywho, I do have, like, one picture of me pole bending from the other week.


Yeah, my jeans are messed up on purpose (kinda). My sister is supposed to take pictures and videos of my riding at lessons and at my show. Oh, my other horse also got back from Vermont on Tuesday. Yeah! Sam’s back! So that’s cool. If you haven’t seen pictures of Sam, he’s the one in my profile pic and he’s now on the post!


So that’s that. Now for the Advent Calendar. I’m doing days 14-20, so buckle up.

Day 14

One piece tan fencing.


Pretty boring, right?

Day 15

One pile of red apples🍎


This is where they were until my stable had to be moved to the basement.

Day 16

Magenta curry comb


Day 17

Papallion puppy

IMG_4479This is Butterfly. A special shout out to filliefanatic for suggesting the name!IMG_4480IMG_4481

Day 18

Brown quilted horse blanket with pink edging.


Here it is on Nickers.

Day 19

Light pink halter and lead.


Again, Nickers’ gets to be the model. I just hope this doesn’t go to her head…

Day 20

One piece tan fencing.

Darn all this fencing!


Okay, I have a few more updates for y’all.

First, my mom got a Spotify account and I , well, took it over. So for those of you who have Spotify you can go here to view my favorite playlist. It consists of my favorite songs we sing or use as recap songs we use in CSM.

Second. For school we are studying WWII. One of my favorite songs is by Spike Jones and is called DER FÜHRER”S FACE. Below is the music video and Donald Duck cartoon.


I also like his song Little Bo Peep has Lost her Jeep

So I think that is it. I’m currently making two different series with my model horses but I need to get YouTube in order for other people to watch them.

See y’all in the next post!



Schleich Horse Club Advent Day 12 & 13

Hello my peeps! Guess what! I’m on the worship team in Student Ministries at my church! It’s so exciting! So today I’m doing days 12 and 13 because they’re kind of bland by themselves, and I wanna get finished with these as soon as possible.


Silver feed rack.IMG_4472IMG_4473

Here it is in Nickers’ pasture.


Stickers with Arabian stallion.

Okay, I have a few announcements for everyone.

1, My stable has moved! We were spring cleaning my sister and my bedroom and my mom told me I needed to move the stable. So, I have the horses in my basement. The barn, fencing, and arena are packed away and the horses are being used like people. (umm, watch DB Productionz Dimension High and you’ll know what I mean.

2, I got a new horse!!!


Nickers’ foal, Princess!IMG_4686

Sorry about the bad quality photos. I’ll see if I can get better ones.

3, If y’all would like to see my awesome video that I made, EMAIL ME!!!!! Minki, I tried your suggestion, but it didn’t work. So, unless I get YouTube, which is highly unlikely, email me if you want to see it; and trust me, it’s a pretty good video.

That’s all.


Winter Retreat 2018

So this past week was my church’s Winter Retreat. Well, actually, I was the Student Ministries Winter Retreat. You can go here. This years theme was Set Me Free. At about 2:39 you can see me in a flannel shirt. If your wondering, that was part of my groups talent show act. We did a “Spectrum on guy0girl relation ships”. I was best friend and during the time you see in the video, I’m supposed to be taking a selfie with a friend. Ahem, best friend. Another part where you can see me is at 3:14. You can see me in a big bun and a black headband (maybe). During the retreat we had two teams: Team Bigfoot (my groups team), and Team Yeti. Of course, my team won. But they didn’t say by how much.

Another highlight of the retreat was the videos we watched: Ministry Matters

Episode one:

Episode two:

Episode three:

My favorite episode was definitely three.

During free time on Saturday, I did the zipline and the giant swing. I sadly ran out of time to do the rock wall. Like every other year (I’m usuming since this is my first year) we got shirts.

I think that’s all. Hope you enjoyed this post!



Don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell you guys anything.

We watched this during the announcements on Sunday before we sang.

Everyone was like “LOL Drew😛. Not kidding. You where obviously Santa Claus🎅.”

Just thought I’d share it with you guys. Let me know what you think!!!

Fusion Pictures

So I got permission to post pictures from Fusion!


Everyone brought their stuffed animals to take a picture.

Top row left to right: Emmy the Great, Lily, Courtney

Middle row left to right: Sara, Breanna, Marissa, Mina, Holly

Bottom row left to right: Elyssia, Erin, Julia, Towaco5oh, and Audrey


Left to right: Audrey (student leader), Towaco5oh, Erin (student leader), Courtney, Julia (student leader)


Enjoying the coffee, Lily?


Yes, I have a Pepsi-Cola sleeping bag. Also, I had to sleep in, because when I pull all nighters, I am a witch later in the day.


Erin and Audrey.


Waiting for 6:00AM to make the coffee.


The odd picture.


Gotcha! No sleeping during the sermon, Lily, Sara. You can also see the tip of my Bible.


I hope you guys like this pictures. Also, I was looking at my notifications today, and I hid 200 likes! That is so huge for me! So I guess that is it.






Yeah! This past weekend was Fusion at my church! Fusion is like this big giant sleep over at one of the kids in your student groups homes. This year’s theme was baseball so the tee shirts looked like this. Our key attribute (I’m pretty sure that’s what you would call it) was humility, so Wednesday, Saturday (the kick-off) and Sunday’s sermons/lessons had humility as there theme. Here is a video of the kick-off.

My group shows up at about 2:11.

At the sleep over, we at supper, had a group discution, and then just did random things. We played Apples to Apples. We tried to play truth or dare, but that didn’t work out to well. We also watched Aladdin and The Sound of Music. Three of the girls fell asleep not to late, but me and the other girls stayed up WAY to late. At 3AM, everyone started to get paranoid because it was the so called “witching hour”. Sarah and Emma had been telling ghost stories, so everyone was SUPER paranoid by them. Everyone curled up underneath the counter. Then we talked about more stuff. At about 5AM I decided I needed to sleep, so I went to bed. When I finally got out of my sleeping bag, one of the girls was having a “cooking show” in the kitchen, and everyone was like “Yeah! Tanna’s up!” Courtney was filming the cooking show with Elyssia’s phone, so she pointed it on me and said “How are you feeling?” I simply said “tired”.

During the sermon, Lily and Sarah both fell asleep, and Audrey (one of my student leaders) took a picture of them.

Here are some pictures for Fusion.

ALSO, the Winter Retreat is next January and I’m super excited! We stay over night at the camp for TWO NIGHTS!!!

Anyways, Seeya!