Auradon Prep-Part 1

Hey guys! I (finally) have a post up for Disney Descendants! Yay!😊 Anyways, here it is.

So first we have the bathroom.


I know, I know, not necessary, but it is so worth it (quoted from Uma🐙) But first, we have the sink.


The sink I bought along with the bathtub at a recycle store; and the soap dispenser was made from a puff that we picked up off the floor at Michael’s and a few silver beads.

Then the bathtub.


I apologies for the bad picture. The bath mat is a coaster that I got at Ten Thousand Villages, and the flowers are from the horse show complex I got for Christmas last year. Not sure if you can see it, but there is a small bottle with a green and purple gem on it. (Mal’s🐲 colors).


Right there.

And the cabinet.


This does have all of my mugs in it now. I also added two to my collection. and pink one and a sparkly gold one.

And the trees.


These guys came with the horse show complex as well.

Next room. Uma’s room.


So beautiful! (sniff sniff) Whoever guess’ Uma’s real name gets a unicorn emoji!

The wall.


The beautiful shell jar and geode piece.

And the T.V.


This was a replica of the T.V. in Ursula’s Fish and Chips.

Ursula's Fish and Chips.jpg

Similar enough?

Anyways, this is her bed.


Also she has a laptop and iPhone. The bed was updated, however, and there is also a sink now. I’ll try to get pictures soon.

Ben’s room.


Can you guess who plays Ben? His tea set.


And his night stand.


This was originally a MLP accessory, and then he has his phone.

Anyways, I need to go, so look out for part 2 and 3 in the next few days!



Followers 5 and 6!

Yes! I have made it to 6 followers! Special thanks to Sunshine Stables blog and Fabfivemom. (It does apear that Fabfivemom does not have a blog, am I correct in that?) Anyways, Yay! 6 followers already! I didn’t have any at the beginning of the year, and now here I am! Let try to get to 10 before Christmas, or is that to much to ask? Anyways, also, I have TONS of pictures that will be up soon. But, yeah. I’ll see you guys in the next post! Bye!🦄


Where ba-ack. And where going to get you! Can you guess who we are? One hint. Disney.

Into the Spotlight…Dallas!

Good morning everyone!🍎 As one of my fellow blogger pointed out, I have not done an Into the Spotlight recently, so I decided to do one today. As you have seen, today’s horse is Dallas.

Dallas is a cross between a chestnut and a bay Trakehner stallion. His show name is If there’s a stallion leaving Dallas. Kind of weird, but I like it. Dallas is Starlight’s mate, which makes him Angel’s dad. Sam has been a bit up set that no one has bred him with Starlight though. Despite the disagreement of who Starlight’s official stallion is, Dallas and Sam hangout quite a lot. As Dallas is Amber’s horse, but Jen rides him often, Dallas does both English and neck reigning Western. Amber rides Dallas in jumping, while Jen in Barrel racing and Western pleasure.


Dallas has won many ribbons and trophies fro jumping and Western pleasure, as he is not the greatest at rounding barrels.


As he isn’t very photogenic, Amber hasn’t won any photo competitions with him at all. As Dallas is a very pretty color, everyone wants to ride him, but as soon as the get on, they realize that he is quite fast, but Jen and Amber don’t really like sharing him with complete strangers in the first place.

Any suggestions for next weeks horse? Leave it in the comments! See ya!


Not Already!😱

Hey guys! Okay, Disney Descendants stuff might take a while to get up, as I took a ton of pictures, and it will take a while to upload them.

Anyways, WHERE DID ALL THAT TIME GO!!! My birthday is next Sunday, and then Autumn is that Friday! And people are already putting out there Halloween decorations! (Not that I don’t like Halloween, it’s how I get my candy. But seriously! It’s still September!) But back to Halloween. I made quite a few flower arrangements for my local fair. I only won a prize on won of them, but it was my holiday/special occasion one. Which this year, I happened to make it Halloween themed.🎃 As soon as I get pictures up, I’ll show it to you. As for the stable, I didn’t have to many decorations last year, but I hope to amend that. But one of the horses has the perfect show name! I would like EVERYONE to guess for this. Comment who you think it is below! Hint: He has a filly friend. I will try to make a post on my birthday; however, that may be impossible, as I am have my 4-H club over 2-4PM, and then I have family and maybe my friend over at 6PM. But I will try.

Horse pictures to send you off!


See ya!


Two More Followers!

I am very excited to announce, that horsecrazyforgirls has officially reached 4 followers! Thanks to Annalee at Buttons Book Reviews and #Hannah at #Hannah Blog. So go check those guys out! Also, I have the privilege of knowing these two personally. #Hannah lives up the road from my house, and Annalee is the daughter of the director at the YMCA where I ride!


Random picture of Sam (My baby!😍)

Also, Sam and the other horses from the Y left last Wednesday, which is really sad😭. But I do get to take lessons starting this Thursday at the camp were I went this summer😃. I’m hoping Janice has a few pictures of the horses in the trailer before they left…

Anyways, seeya!



Hey, this is Mal. You know? Daughter of Maleficent? Anyways, yeah I know, my code name is Starlight. About Carlos’ message yesterday, it may take a while before we take control, but it will happen. LONG LIVE EVIL!


Coming Uma! Later!

Inside the Tack Box

Hi guys! Sorry I have not been posting lately, I have been busy making crafts for my local fair (the money I get from prizes goes towards riding lessons).

Anyways, today we are going to venture into the random tack box! *dramatic fanfare!*


The box I found at a flea market, and originally, I stored Taylor’s tack in it; but now it holds all of the random tack that no one has claimed. First, we have two saddle pads.


They were made simply from felt, but I haven’t used them a whole lot. Next we have a sling.


I made this after I watched a Schleich horse series on YouTube, and decided I had to make one.


It was basically made from felt and a bit of ribbon on the sides. Even though I don’t you it much, I still really like it because it looks really nice, and because it fits very nicely on all the horses (this picture featuring Dallas).

Also, we have a bandage/polo wrap.


This was made from the top of a old (clean) sock.

And then there are the hoof picks.


These were (sort of) from a tutorial by the lovely Nichelle.

And then the halters. Those beautiful halters.


Shasta and Nickers’



These were from a tutorial by Schleich Horse Lover 200. Although I sadly can’t find Abelard’s now, and he looked so perfect in it!

Any ways, there are also some braided lunge lines and lead ropes.


These were made from embroidery floss. I can’t say I borrowed the idea from any where, because most Schleich collectors make braided leads.

And last but not least, the jolly ball.


I love these! I have tons around the stable (okay, maybe just eight, one for each stall). They are so awesome for boredom breakers and butt scratchers (yes, Majesty, I saw you do it.) *muffled whinny*.

Anyways, I think that is all for today. Backdrop curtesy of Lucy, as Melinda made her take everything out of her room for these pictures. She did put up quite a fight though… (Muffled yelling from Lucy) I will get you Towaco! I will get you!     Whatever.

See ya!


(Muffled yelling from Melinda) Do not read this!

Hello, this is Carlos. You know? Carlos De Vil? Anyways, I hope you guys are ignoring Melinda and reading this. Yes I know, I look a lot like Nelson, but I’m not Nelson. Okay, maybe I am Nelson, only, Nelson is my cover name. Anyways, stay tuned all this week for awesome stuff by me and my friends.

(Muffled yelling from Taylor) NELSON!

Got to go! Don’t forget! Stay tuned for more by me and the VK’s.

Record Books

Not to long ago I made some record books for some of my horses.


Each book has the horses’ barn name on the front.



I made tiny illustrations for the covers.

Inside is the horse’s breed, show name, dam, sire and foal(s).


As you can see, Sam’s breed is Trakhner, he has no show name, his dam is Golden Rose, his sire is Sundance, and he has no foals.


Starlight is also a Trakhner, her show name is Starlight Star Bright, her dam is Moonlight, her sire is Diablo, and her foal is Angel.


I also put a small sticker on the back of all of them.


And they all fit very nicely in this safe. If you have any show name suggestions, leave them in the comments!

See ya!


Morning Coffee☕

Good morning everyone! Not to long ago, I made some coffee mugs out of clay.

Morning Coffee

The inspiration for these was mugs by the lovely filliefanatic.

Morning Coffee

We have the spotted one.

Morning Coffee

The striped one.

Morning Coffee

The other spotted one.

Morning Coffee

And the Dunkin’ Donuts one. The first three were painted with acrylic paint while the Dunkin’ Donuts one was painted in white nail polish; and because the other mugs are losing paint and I accidently broke the handle of one, I’m going to repaint them soon. Hopefully being able to keep the same designs. Anyways leave in the comments which one is your favorite!

See ya soon!