My Model Horse Updates

Last night, I found out that the water troughs in the barn I got for Christmas, actually go on the same wall as the door to the barn hall is. I also learned, that you can put the feeding troughs on the bottom half of the half doors that go to the small section of pasture each horse gets. Starlight is very happy that she can be locked out in the pasture and still eat apples or carrots without putting her head down. Faxa is looking forward to having her real foal come someday. Honeysuckle also hopes that her friend Tennessee Lily will come soon. Taylor is thinking about buying stable cleaning supplies so her stable is nice and clean. Silfra is taking care of her filly, Tyrta, as always; and Belle is looking forward to having grain to eat by September 17.

Majesty won a blue ribbon yesterday! she entered herself in the Water and Fire Tournament, and she got a perfect score!!! Yesterday I got some ideas for a popsicle stick barn for my horses,I think that they would like it. Taylor is going to enter Tinkerbelle in to the Draft Horse Show. Taylor is also looking into getting some chickens so she can have fresh eggs to eat before she does barn chores. ♥♣♥ Take a look at my rodeo agenda: Horse-Books-Rodeo-Schule


Faxa had her foal!!! Her name is Liera. Taylor when to a farm a little while ago and bought a Clydesdale colt named Jack, a Friesian foal named Ebony, a Andalusian mare named Buttermilk and a Fresian Stallion named Coal. For Easter Taylor got a Arabian mare she named Nickers, and Nickers is taking care of Ebony until her mother comes. I have been watching some really cool videos girls post of their model horses lately. you should all watch atleast one! Just search Schleich horse barn tours, Buck Thorn Stables, or Schleich Horse Lover 200. ♥♣♥