Horse Camp (Continued)

So, I finally sat down to write about horse camp. I downloaded most of the pictures from The Promised Land Camp’s Facebook page, so they aren’t the best quality.

Horse Camp_01

Tacking up Marshmallow on the first day. I was one of the first people done tacking up, so I just kind of wandered around helping other people.

Horse Camp_03

Hangin’ out with Shilo.

Horse Camp_02

Riding in the arena. I can’t remember exactly what we were doing here… It rained a LOT at camp, so we kind of had to ride in between the rain. We weren’t allowed to canter which was a huge bummer for me.

Horse Camp_04

Tacking up Licorice on the second day. Licorice is an okay horse, but boy is he lazy! I was trying to do a pattern with him, and he skipped most of it and headed towards the other horses who were at the other side of the arena!

Horse Camp_05

We also took our horses up to a small obstacle course in the woods by our cabin. We didn’t take the horses over the bridge because of how slippy it was, but we did walk them through a tarp filled with water and pull tires with them. I got licorice to pull two! I had a report from the boy who rode Marshie up to the obstacle course, and he said the Marshmallow refused to go in the water until she was lead through it. I kind of saw that coming because of how she avoided the water in the arena.

Trail rides!

Horse Camp_06Horse Camp_07Horse Camp_08

The last day after a trail ride around the camp we had a little fun show.

Horse Camp_09

Crepe paper pairs.IMG_6012IMG_6013

We did pretty good. I can’t remember why it broke. Thankfully I was matched with someone who rode a horse of the same size.


Some other pictures from our show.IMG_6010IMG_6016

Other stuff:

I’ve been jumping!!!


Me riding Zeus. If you guys want to see a video of me jumping, let me know in the comments.


Before I was riding Zeus for jumping, I rode Koda. He isn’t the best for cantering jumps, which is why I switched to Zeus. However, this coming Friday is my last lesson at the Y so I’m going to ride Sam one last time.


Me and Koda.


Me and Zeus.


I don’t think you guys have ever met Larry, my instructors dog. (Well, Annalee, you have)


Sam and his model.


I still have to get one with Koda and Abelard with their models, but I might wait until next summer.

Scroll over a picture to find the horse’s name.

One more thing!

I went to Philadelphia on a missions trip!


Thanks for sticking with me through this entirely too long post. See you in the next post!


The Promised Land Bible Camp-Monday

So here is what we did on Monday.

We woke up at 7:30 and had a breakfast of pancakes and oatmeal at 8:00. After that, we had morning devotions. Then, we went back to our cabins for cabin clean up. Pretty much all we did was make our beds, swept the floor, cleaned the bathroom and put our stuff away.

At 9:00, we started our Amazing Skills, which was riflery, horseback riding, Bible memory, canoeing, and archery. Each activity was a 1/2 hour. At 12:30, we had lunch and at 1:00, we had our Bible class.

We went up to the Sports Field at 2:00 for our Amazing activity. The first part, everyone on your team had to stand on one cardboard piece; then, the person in the back would hand up the last piece, the person in the front would lay it in front of their piece, and everyone would move forward one piece. The second part is a bit hard to explain, so I’m providing you guys with a link so that you can see what we did. Here. 

Once we were done, they opened up the snack shop and then the boys went and did their activity while us girls went swimming with the minis. At 4:00, we went to the law and high rope course to do our activity, which was bunch of trust exercises. One was one person stood on a post, and everyone else put their hands out, and then the person on the post fall and everyone else would catch them.

At 5:30, we had supper, and then we went up to the Sports Field again for another Amazing Activity. I think that night we played soccer. At 7:00, we went to change for our 7:30 service. 8:30, they opened up the snack shop again, and at 9:00, we had anouther activity. For this night, we went up to the gym to play blind volley ball. It’s like volley ball, but there is a tarp over the net so that you can’t see who on the other team has the ball, or where the ball is coming from.

At 10:00, we had our cabin devotions and some talk time, and at 10:30, we turned the lights out.

Be sure to check tomorrow for what we did on Tuesday!


The Promised Land Bible Camp-Sunday

Hey guys! Sorry  I didn’t warn you about my leave for camp last week. It was a blast! Here’s what I did day one.

We arrived around 5:00, but we didn’t see anyone checking kids in, so we drove around the property for a few minutes. After week got checked in, we put my stuff in my the cabin I was staying in, which was Simeon 4. Then  I went over and waited in line with my friend, Haley, while she checked in. I also noticed that one of my friends from my church was going, which I had no clue about before, so that was a pleasant surprise. 🎊 At 6:00, after everyone’s parents left, we had a light dinner. Which was some sort of bean burritos and pizza, which was just a role with cheese and chunks of bacon on it. After that, they open up the snack shop, I don’t recall buying anything that time though.

Then, we went swimming and then had an activity, though I can’t remember what we did. We had cabin devotions after that at 10:00, and at 10:30 we had lights out.

So that’s what we did the first day. But here is a picture of everyone from the last day.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, grass, tree, crowd, outdoor and natureYou can’t really see me because some how I ended up behind a tall dude.

But anyways, tomorrow will be about Monday.