Riding Updates

So, as some of you may know, Sam is away for the winter. I have been riding at another barn since then, but I haven’t been super happy with the lessons. So I was shopping around for another barn to ride at the other day. A lot of them are SUPER expensive, so they were out of the question. But I remembered a boarding stable up the road from my house. I had looked on their website before and I knew they didn’t do lessons, but I thought “I wonder if they would like any help taking care of their horses…” So I called the number on the website. Turns out it was the owners cell phone and she was in Florida. I talked with her awhile about working there and she said it would probably work out. I would just call her around the time she got back and talk to her again then. So she said I would probably be doing stalls, tacking up, maybe some lunging and jumping, whatever I was comfortable with. I was like, “If there’s a horse, I’m good!” So we were talking, and proceeds to say, “So would you want a paycheck or would you like to work for lessons?” I was ASTOUNDED!!! I said lessons since I would hopefully be riding there when the YMCA horses are away for the winter. Nothing in final yet, but she said we could go over and check it out when ever to see if I liked the place. It’s so nice and big! I really hope it works out. We talked with the guy who’s currently in charge and he was really nice to. So I will probably still volunteer at the YMCA like I was planning to, but not as much since I may be working some where else.


I will probably finish out the school year riding at the other barn, but other than that I will probably not ride there again.

ALSO, I am hoping to “renovate” The Herd page soon so that there will be one picture of each horse and a link to their Into the Spotlight… post.




Horse Camp (Continued)

So, I finally sat down to write about horse camp. I downloaded most of the pictures from The Promised Land Camp’s Facebook page, so they aren’t the best quality.

Horse Camp_01

Tacking up Marshmallow on the first day. I was one of the first people done tacking up, so I just kind of wandered around helping other people.

Horse Camp_03

Hangin’ out with Shilo.

Horse Camp_02

Riding in the arena. I can’t remember exactly what we were doing here… It rained a LOT at camp, so we kind of had to ride in between the rain. We weren’t allowed to canter which was a huge bummer for me.

Horse Camp_04

Tacking up Licorice on the second day. Licorice is an okay horse, but boy is he lazy! I was trying to do a pattern with him, and he skipped most of it and headed towards the other horses who were at the other side of the arena!

Horse Camp_05

We also took our horses up to a small obstacle course in the woods by our cabin. We didn’t take the horses over the bridge because of how slippy it was, but we did walk them through a tarp filled with water and pull tires with them. I got licorice to pull two! I had a report from the boy who rode Marshie up to the obstacle course, and he said the Marshmallow refused to go in the water until she was lead through it. I kind of saw that coming because of how she avoided the water in the arena.

Trail rides!

Horse Camp_06Horse Camp_07Horse Camp_08

The last day after a trail ride around the camp we had a little fun show.

Horse Camp_09

Crepe paper pairs.IMG_6012IMG_6013

We did pretty good. I can’t remember why it broke. Thankfully I was matched with someone who rode a horse of the same size.


Some other pictures from our show.IMG_6010IMG_6016

Other stuff:

I’ve been jumping!!!


Me riding Zeus. If you guys want to see a video of me jumping, let me know in the comments.


Before I was riding Zeus for jumping, I rode Koda. He isn’t the best for cantering jumps, which is why I switched to Zeus. However, this coming Friday is my last lesson at the Y so I’m going to ride Sam one last time.


Me and Koda.


Me and Zeus.


I don’t think you guys have ever met Larry, my instructors dog. (Well, Annalee, you have)


Sam and his model.


I still have to get one with Koda and Abelard with their models, but I might wait until next summer.

Scroll over a picture to find the horse’s name.

One more thing!

I went to Philadelphia on a missions trip!


Thanks for sticking with me through this entirely too long post. See you in the next post!


Saturday Horse Show

Hello everyone! Yesterday I had my first horse show ever! It went amazing. I did get there a little late, but the only thing I missed was the National Anthem.

So, I have a handful of pictures. I would upload the few videos I have, but I need premium for that. So if y’all would like to see me barrel race, pole bend, or flag race, just use this. ⬇️

So here are the pictures.


This was the musical bags. I did okay with this one, fourth place. I was able to emergency dismount which gave me a slight advantage of dismounting sooner, but my foot got caught in the stirrup the second time so I dismounted slower which made Marshmallow got past which got me out of the game.IMG_5051

Waiting for my class.IMG_5056

The second place ribbons is supposed to be third, but someone got the wrong ribbons so they gave me second. Afterwards I exchanged it for a third.IMG_5057

For Barrel Racing, Musical Bags, and 50 Yard Dash I got fourth; then for Pole Bending, Egg and Spoon, Crepe Paper Pairs I got third. Western Demo was just a demo and they didn’t judge. Flag Racing I missed the bucket so I didn’t place for that. Barrel Racing Marshmallow was bucking a bit at the beginning for two reasons: 1. I was using a crop. 2. I was using it incorrectly. That added time, plus she turned to quickly at the last barrel so I had to circle her and go at it again.

Pole Bending I didn’t canter down and Marshmallow made a wide turn at the one pole.

Crepe Paper Pairs I think I got third because I was paired with a girl who rode a taller horse.

50 Yard Dash I don’t think I cantered at all.

Egg and Spoon was the only one I don’t think I could have down better. I was able to hold the egg even when Marshie went in the middle with the horses who had already dropped their eggs. My instructor’s daughter had to come in and lead Marshmallow out, but I dropped the egg when Marshie started trotting.

Anywho, if any of you want to see the videos, just contact me using the form about. Bye!


I am Not Dead!

My dudes! I’m still alive! Sorry for not posting recently, my schedule has been like “😬” and my life is like “😧”. So, I have a few life updates. I have an upcoming show, so that’s all “😁”. I was going to ride a different mare than the one I’m riding for barrel racing and pole bending, but I decided it’s better to stay with the mare I have since the show is Memorial Day weekend. (Gracious, is it only two weeks away?😲). Anywho, I do have, like, one picture of me pole bending from the other week.


Yeah, my jeans are messed up on purpose (kinda). My sister is supposed to take pictures and videos of my riding at lessons and at my show. Oh, my other horse also got back from Vermont on Tuesday. Yeah! Sam’s back! So that’s cool. If you haven’t seen pictures of Sam, he’s the one in my profile pic and he’s now on the post!


So that’s that. Now for the Advent Calendar. I’m doing days 14-20, so buckle up.

Day 14

One piece tan fencing.


Pretty boring, right?

Day 15

One pile of red apples🍎


This is where they were until my stable had to be moved to the basement.

Day 16

Magenta curry comb


Day 17

Papallion puppy

IMG_4479This is Butterfly. A special shout out to filliefanatic for suggesting the name!IMG_4480IMG_4481

Day 18

Brown quilted horse blanket with pink edging.


Here it is on Nickers.

Day 19

Light pink halter and lead.


Again, Nickers’ gets to be the model. I just hope this doesn’t go to her head…

Day 20

One piece tan fencing.

Darn all this fencing!


Okay, I have a few more updates for y’all.

First, my mom got a Spotify account and I , well, took it over. So for those of you who have Spotify you can go here to view my favorite playlist. It consists of my favorite songs we sing or use as recap songs we use in CSM.

Second. For school we are studying WWII. One of my favorite songs is by Spike Jones and is called DER FÜHRER”S FACE. Below is the music video and Donald Duck cartoon.


I also like his song Little Bo Peep has Lost her Jeep

So I think that is it. I’m currently making two different series with my model horses but I need to get YouTube in order for other people to watch them.

See y’all in the next post!



Trot, trot, trot… JUMP! + Updates

So, I finally got pictures uploaded. So you can see how wonderful Marshie is!


So the Palomino in the left corner is Shilo. And yeah, I can jump now! I can only jump low jumps, but it’s still jumping!


And yes, I am riding bareback. It’s the best! Love you, Marshmallow!!!


Please ignore Shilo’s dirty bottom. So quick update. I have had two basketball games so far this season. The first one we won 21-13 and the second one we lost 22-23. I have another one today, and hopefully we’ll crush them. Also, my BB gun club started. Yeah!!! And it’s snowed three times in the past 2 weeks. The first time I wasn’t sure if I was able to make it to my Student Ministries Christmas Party, but I did. One of the  other 2 times, My other Christmas party got canceled because of the terrible roads. But we got some pretty good pictures.


SNOW! Hey! It even looks like Hotspot got some on her neck!


My sister took these. They’re pretty good. We also have the Christmas decorations up.


This I made last year at my church for their Wednesday night program.


The stocking were hung by the stall doors with care,

It hopes that the white mare soon would be there.


Hey look! The carrots fit!


Then we have our beautiful lights.


Anybody have a theory on why Lucy is laying on the ground?


Then we have our beautiful lights.The above picture is of the hooks that they hang up with. I swear it took 1/2 an hour to make them all.

We also have our arena lights which I got for my birthday.


Gracie’s gonna win the Christmas show for jumping!


Some how Snowflake managed to escape the pasture and get down the mountain (ahem, stairs). Do you like her hat?

Ooh! You guys HAVE to see this!

YAAASSS! It’s back!!!

ALSO. I have picture for Christmas! Yeah!

Okay, I think that is it. One more thing, you should check out Pegasus Expert’s awesome Wild Horse Story.

So, I should see you guys soon. Bye!



Hey guys! I haven’t posted in FOREVER, I know. I really only have pictures for this post, and then I’m out of pictures for post. I do have more pictures that I took on my moms camera, but it will probably take FOREVER to get them uploaded.

Ok. If I’m doing a post, I’m doing a post.

So a while back, I made some super cool emoji charms.



So we have the infatuation emoji. 😍


The anger emoji. 😡


The crystal ball. 🔮


And the basketball emoji. 🏀

I also made a camera📷, a crying face😂, a tongue out face😋, and a smiley face😀, all WordPress style. I am looking to do more in the future, and would probably sell these if I had an Etsy shop.

Quick update! Yesterday I had a riding lesson on the most wonderful pony in the world, Marshmallow. No offense to all my cute ponies. But this week, I got to ride bareback! And I got to jump her over the smaller jumps at a trot! My mom did get a few pictures, so I’ll try to post them soon.