Decorating for Christmas

So, I moved my stable up to my bedroom again due to holiday affairs.


The stallions pasture and minis/Shetland pastures are under my bed, as well as the mini barn, round pen, and winner’s circle.


Sorry for the crappy quality photos.



We have a second stallions pasture where the old one was. This time it just has western stallions.


We also have a paddock under my sister’s dresser where Abelard resides. He’s finally getting into the Christmas spirit with his winter-y hat.


Belinda and Faxa share the paddock next to Luna’s stand alone stall. I’ll catch up on that later. 😀


Currently, Mollie Sue is in Luna’s stall.


And there’s Rosie Sunshine!!!


And then there’s the puppies. They’re just so darn cute!


On to the exciting part.

I finally set up the stable for Christmas! Yeah!


I have the lights in the main barn again. Taylor’s getting Starlight out for an exercise.


Amber and Winnie Riding Luna and Blackfire/Coal. I still have to get lights in here, but I decided that getting pictures up was more important.


Erika riding Queenie and leading Jingle Bells.

See ya!



Happy Halloween!!! 🎃🎃🎃

Happy Halloween everyone!


I was finally able to make costumes for more than one horse unlike last year.


I used the same candy as last since I have been insanely busy and hadn’t had time to make more candy.


Tawil and Starlight got to dress up as Dracula horses. Zey vant to suck your blood!


Coffee Cake got to be a mummy like Gracie last year.


Flash back to last year’s picture.


Luna is supposed to be a skeleton. I drew it with white crayon and I should be able to get it off with a magic eraser.


Amber with Count Starlight.


Sam with Coffee Cake the mummy.


Amber with Luna. There was originally a mask to go with the costume. I’m currently using it for Traveller though it is a bit big.


Lucy with Count Tawil. You can see the jack-o-lantern I made last year in the arena with a light inside of it.


Happy Halloween everyone! Don’t eat to much candy and remember to brush your teeth!


P.S. I’m staying up late tonight to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. Alone. Although Jack, our Clydesdale colt will probably be with me. It’s his favorite movie. After all, he is named after the mane (I mean main) character. Preview below!

Favorite clip. Watch this guys lip.

See ya!


New Horses Again!

Hello everyone!

My birthday was on Monday and I was able to get a hand full horses! Please excuse the fact that I don’t have pictures that I took. We currently have no camera. Also, I am not trying to brag, I just thought you guys might be interested in knowing what horses have joined the herd.

I also would love for you guys to give me name suggestions for two of the horses.

First up, Shetland mare!

I also got the Western Riding set.

The girl is Sam, I’m thinking that I will name the stallion Cloud Clap, but I’m not sure, so please suggest names! Also, the calf and dog could use names.

I also got the Trakhner mare and foal.

This is Zee-Zee. I think she is adorable!

And this is Flicka or Flicka You Away. Yeah! Now I have all the Trakhners!


Thanks for reading!




Happy D-Day!

Happy D-Day! June 6th is the day that allied troops stormed the Normandy beaches during WWII.

Shall we have a song? Spotify people ⬇️

Spotify WWII

Other people ⬇️

Pay attention to the lyrics for this one. They are hysterical.

Now for the rest of the advent days.

21. stickers with Butterfly and bowl


Impressive, right?

22. One pile green apples


Honestly, I need these like I need a hole in the head.

23. IMG_4489IMG_4490

Taffy seems to like it.

And now, the grand reveal of the 2017 Schleich Horse Club Advent Day #24




Tawil! (pronounsed: Tu-wall)


He is the Schleich special edition Arabian stallion and I am absolutely in love with him💕IMG_4501

Amazing details on his tail.Tawil-?

Super cute face!

I will see y’all in the next post!



Schleich Horse Box with Truck

I’m back! I decided to show you guys what I got for Christmas last year. I am not trying to brag. I just thought maybe you guys would be interested. So buckle up, and hang on tight!


First, I got another eos! I love these things! This is the honey apple. I’m trying not to use it a whole lot because I want it to last at least until next Christmas. LOL 😀


Tabasco flavored slim jim!IMG_4386

I also got these awesome under armor head bands.IMG_4387

One in my hair.


Then there’s this awesome pen case thing. I used it for my church notebook until I filled it up. Now it’s my survival kit with cough drops and the like.


Multi-colored lights.


Ranger Mike Danger in Dry Gulch. This was really cool! I totally recommend itIMG_4395

I *ahem* think I ate this already. After all, it is April!IMG_4396

Awesome washi tape!IMG_4397

Pointy tipped green nail polish.IMG_4398

Anyone has Coke?!IMG_4399

And here it is! The Schliech 2017 Horse Club Advent calendar! Keep a look out for a post with this.IMG_4400

I started reading this, but I started reading something else… (Was that when I started reading The Lord of the Rings???)IMG_4401

Without further a due, highlight of the post! Review-y thing on the Schleich Horse Club horse box with truck!


First, the truck. I mean, how else do you suppose We take that trailer anywhere?


The front of the truck.IMG_4369

The hood comes up, which I think is AWE-SOME. Is it weird that I take this as a sign that the truck is crappy and Titus is always attempting to fix it?


The doors open too, which is pretty cool.IMG_4371

The back. Currently it is filled up with tack that has no permanent home.IMG_4372

My personal thought on the back is that it should say something like ford instead of just pickup.




Then we have the A-MAZING trailer. I really like the stickers it came with.IMG_4375

The tack doesn’t necessarily fit in this compartment, so I put an extra grooming kit in it instead. That way the girls don’t need to worry about remembering to grab a grooming kit.IMG_4376

I think the back door is pretty cool. I really like the horse head warning drivers that there are horses inside.IMG_4377

Being a two horse trailer is a HUGE plus.IMG_4378

The man door. Normally this is only used when one of the horses (generally Sugarcoat) is acting up about being in the trailer.IMG_4379

A look inside from the man door.IMG_4380

And a view inside from the front window. You can see the feed dishes, which I think are pretty cool.IMG_4381

Moving on. We have LUNA!!!!IMG_4361

My baby girl! I love her so much!IMG_4362

I really like that Schleich put red ribbons in her mane. It really contrasts with her black coat. Oh such a beautiful coat!IMG_4363

And there in her tail too!IMG_4364

We also have our third groom. Welcome to Western Star Stables Chloe!IMG_4365

This set also came with another green blanket and halter.IMG_4366

And another awesome saddle. I really, really, REALLY, like the colors, They’re so pretty!IMG_4360

One more picture of my baby girl. Keep a look out for multiple post on the advent calendar! Bye!




Happy (Belated) Easter! 🐇

Happy Easter everyone! Sorry about the late post.


Amber and Titus. You’ll find out who he is soon enough. Don’t worry!


We also had a little egg hunt at the barn. What did y’all do for Easter?


P.S. I FINALLY got pictures uploaded! *Excited squeals* Look for new pictures soon!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💖

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Looks like Tinkerbelle is getting something from her special someone! 💝

Have a great day girls! 💖

Towca5oh 💕

P.S. I’m working on getting pictures for some amazing posts. HOWEVER, first I have to actually take them, and then I have to convince my mom to upload them for me. Any who, bye!

Looking Back on 2017 + Goals for 2018

Happy New Year guys! 🎉 I hope you have all had an enjoyable year, and I wish you all the best for the year to come. I would like to start out on a summary of my year.


This year was my second year for riding at the YMCA with Sam.🐴 One of my instructors happened to be a Western trick rider from Australia. She was able to teach me a few tricks that did not involve a special saddle. This year was also my first year to go to over night camp at The Promised Land. Later in the year, I found out that I could do riding lessons for half the price as at the YMCA. I was lucky enough to ride the most wonderful pony in the world, a mixed breed mare named Marshmallow. This was also my fourth year for BB gun club.🔫 It was also my second year for basketball.🏀 In case your interested, we won 2 out of 4 games already.😊 This is also my first year in Student Ministries at my church since I am in 7th grade now.

This year also brought more publicity for Horse Crazy for Girls. With 13 followers (2 of them being e-mail), 3,753 views, 509 visitors, 266 likes, 313 comments, and 89 posts. I have also been viewed in 10 countries. 10 countries! I have also discovered many new blogs this year, and I look forward to discovering more in the new year.

I do have some personal and blog goals for this coming year. I hope to achieve 10 more followers (20 would be great, but I want to stay realistic), and I hope to be able to update with recent pictures more often.

As for personal goals, I have:

Compete in a show. I pretty much have that one lined up.

Out shoot Mr. Pie. He’s one of the kids on my BB team.

Be one of the starting 5 on my basketball team at games.

Have an awesome time at the Winter Retreat.

Read Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

I hope you all enjoy this post, and have a happy new year! Bye!



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas you guys!


I hope you give lots of presents!


Sweet moments caught on camera of Sweetheart and Texas


Reading Christmas presents from her parents. Hopefully they will come next year.


Jingle Bells insisted on dressing up as Santa Claus. She even demanded that Meikko and Snowfall be reindeer. Thankfully they didn’t mind.

IMG_4313Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! I hope you have a joy filled holiday season and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season! Merry Christmas!