Into the Spotlight… Belle!

Okay, so here is this weeks Into the Spotlight post.

Belle is a bay colored Hanoverian mare. As far as we know, Belle is unable to have foals, which makes her ideal for taking care of Jingle Bells until her real mom comes. Belle’s showname is Just like Fire. 🔥 Belles lives in mare pasture, where she often buddies up with Tinkerbelle. But ever since Tinkerbelle had her foal (Gypsy), she and Belle have grown far apart. Belle does mostly dressage, and has won quite a few ribbons from it.

Belle-Just Like Fire

Sadly, ever since Rose Briar has arrived, Belle has been very bad tempered. She even bit Rose Briar on her rump during a dressage lesson.😥 Taylor, who owns Belle, picked her up from the auction, not sure how she would turn out and expecting the worst. Thankfully, Belle turned out to be a keeper, and was pretty gentle until Rose Briar came, then she started acting pretty mean. Belle-Just Like Fire

Although she is snotty with the other mares, Belle is nice to Lucy, and enjoys playing with the girls’ puppy, Taffy.🐶 So, I guess that is all for Belle! See ya guys!😜

I’m Back!🦄

I am officially back from vacation!🦄 Did you guys miss me? You will NEVER guess where I was last week. I was in Kentucky, but not for Breyerfest.😭 Instead, I went to the Creation Museum and the Ark encounter. I had sooo much fun there; and as soon as my mom uploads pictures from her camera, I will make posts for my trip. So, DB Productionz uploaded episode 7/8 of Dimension High.

If you didn’t know, I believe that after this series is finished, she is doing another Schleich sereies called Dark Paradise.🔮 Also, in my head, I have been plotting a Schleich horse series if I ever get a YouTube channel. It would be called Grace. You guys know Gracie, right? All time jumping champion?


Anyways, she would be an angel, and then there would be this horse on Earth who needs to be taught grace, and then there is other horses with attributes such as Faith, Love, Joy and so on and so forth. And there is also this horse who is, like, the go-between for God and the horse angels. So the go-between tells Gracie that she needs to go to earth and teach this other horse about grace.  But anyways, it will probably not happen because I have no YouTube and no phone.

Okay, have any of you guys seen the new Summer 2017 Schleich horses??? Dey ar weard!

13838Pintabian Mare

13840Pintabian Stallion

13839Pintabian Foal

42389Riding School with Riders.

Check this out!







I may ask for this for Christmas. Hey! Who ever said that you couldn’t have more than one of the same model??? I’ll send you guys the link, as the pictures are pretty small. Schleich🐴

Oh! Almost forgot! I have basketball camp🏀 this week 9-3 so I may not post a whole lot. Bet you can’t guess what my third favorite sport is!

Anyways, I’ll be seeing you!🏀

Electronic Update

Hey guys, a little while ago I made some really cool items for the Schleich girls.


They even have tiny Apple signs on them!🍎 🍏


First, I made seven iPhones and my sister made one iPod.



The screens I painted on with black nail polish. 💅

Then we have two laptops with mice.



I personally think that the apple on the silver computer is the most realistic.

Then we have a flat screen TV with a remote.📺


The remote was modeled after my TV remote.


And finally, we have one Kindle and one iPad.



Now I just need a camera…

Okay, two more things.

1: Fatal Potato posted a video on YouTube on the 4th.

This is kind of big deal, since she has not posted a video for 4 months!

2: I won’t be doing any more posts this week, as I am leaving for vacation tomarrow.

Anyways, see ya!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy Independence Day guys! God Bless the USA!


Have a great rest of the week! What did you guys do this weekend?🍔🍉  I went boating with my aunt and uncle and cousin (who is really a dog 🐶😊)at their cabin.🚤

P.S. I will only be doing one or two more posts this week as I will be on vacation in Ohio next week (don’t worry, I’ll tell you guys allll about it😊).


Into the Spotlight… Gracie!

Sorry guys, this was supposed to be up on Thursday, but my schedule is crazy. Anyways, here it goes, number two in the series.

Gracie is a Lipizzaner mare with a white body and silver mane and tail. She is the mother of Buddy, a black filly with the most adorable stripe in the middle of her face.😊 But anyways, back to Gracie. Gracie stays in her own paddock with Buddy in between the mares pasture and Sugarcoat and Majesty’s paddock. Normally, she hangs out with Rose Briar and Daydream, but sometimes Belle or Sweetheart will come over to say ‘Hi’. Gracie place first in the 4-H Fun show for in hand showing, and second in jumping. She place third in jumping for the County show and first for in hand showing. She placed first in both in hand showing and jumping in the District show, second for both in hand showing and jumping in the State show; and first in both jumping and in hand showing (Where she won Champion) for the National show.🏆


As you may see, her owner is Winnie. Winnie received Gracie from her friend (Muffled yelling from Lucy): Not just a friend! He’s her boyfriend!👫 Winnie and Catman sittin’ in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g… 💏 (Muffled yelling from Winnie): Just shut up Lucy!

Anyways, her friend, Catman, sent her Gracie all the way from Ohio, where Winnie used to live. He claims that he bought Gracie from an auction, and the only other person to bid on her was the meat dealer. When Winnie got her, she was already in foal, but fortunately, Buddy is a pure bred. Gracie is very gentle and does what is asked, and she loves little kids, which make her perfect for beginners, though Winnie can be a bit selfish with her at times (pointed cough) (Muffled yelling from Winnie): And I have every right too!!!

But anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment about what would make it better, and/or suggest a girl/horse for next week! Thank you!🌺


Sunday 4-H Meeting

Good Morning! Sorry I haven’t posted since Thursday,😭 I have been pretty busy. But anyways, my sister and I had a 4-H meeting at a one of the girl’s barn (her name is Abi, please don’t kill me if I spelled it wrong). The first thing we did was we had a little meeting to talk about events and such; one of them being a service project at the South Mountain YMCA Camp where I ride!😍 After that, Dory or Mama D, Abi’s, mom ad us groom and tack up the two mares: Frisky and Ruby 💎. After that, everybody was just kind of switching back and forth with the horses. I got to ride all four of the horses, the other two being geldings:Rusty and Jigs, but I didn’t ride Ruby for long because one side of her saddle is tighter than the other side, she was in a lot of pain when you mounted or dismounted. The meeting was supposed to end at 6:00, but Mama D just kept doing ground work with me and Ruby, and helping me with riding the horses; and my mom just kept on talking! We ended up staying until 9:00! 😱 But anyways, I was so sore yesterday and the Monday! Oh, and Janice, if your listening right now, I cantered for about 5 steps without stirrups! 🐎 Here are some pictures, you can roll over them to see who the people and horses are.

Ooh! One more thing, I took pictures of some model horses that are not yet up on The Herd page!

Into the Spotlight… Abelard!

Hello everyone! I decided that I would do something like a series on here called into the Spotlight. Each week I will make one Into the Spotlight post, which will focus on the personalities and habits of one horse🐎 or girl💃. As you may have read, Abelard will be starting this series off.😊

Abelard is a Fell Pony stallion with a white body and silver mane. He is the father of Dancer, Latte’s ☕ foal. He is also the arch-enemy of Lightning, our Miniature Shetland stallion. He and Lightning like to think of themselves as the bosses, which is why they should be in separate paddocks. Although, for lack of fencing, they are not. Abelard placed first 🏆 in the Fun, County, district, State and National shows for in-hand showing, as he is very photogenic.📷 His halter was specially made for him from a tutorial by Schleich Horse Lover 200. The reason it is pink is because Taylor (his owner) thinks he looks good in the color (which he most certainly does!).Abelard-?

Abelard is strong and willing to obey, though when Lightning is around, his behavior is another story.  He is also very gentle, which makes him ideal for pony rides and beginners. 🎠 If you guys want, you can suggest a horse/girl for next week. Thanks! 😊


I Need Some Names

Hi everyone! Today was my first day in Student Ministries at my church! ✨ 🎉 🎊 If you are interested, they have an Instagram page here. So, I have made a wish list of all of the Schleich horses that there are. I keep the ones that they retired that year highlighted in yellow and the ones that retired the year before in red. But anyways, so I was going through my list just because, and I thought ‘Well, now, I think that I need some names and show names for these horses’ So, I need your guys’ opinions on what their names should be. Also, Tyrta, on of the foals that I own needs a new name. It was a filly, but now it is a colt, and I am looking for an Icelandic colt name, so. But anyways, I got pictures of the internet of the horses that need names that I don’t own yet.

 What: Andalusian foal. Needs: a name and showname

 What: Andalusian stallion. Needs: Shownames, name will be Conversano Nina

What: Appaloosa stallion. Needs: Showname, name will be Towaco

What: Arabian foal. Needs: name and showname. What: Ardennes foal: Needs: Showname, name will be Prancer.

What: Ardennes stallion. Needs: showname, name will be Major.

 What: Bashkir Curly foal. Needs: showname, name will be Lily

What: Bashkir Curly mare. Needs: Show name, name will be Pumpkin Spice. Maybe Pumpkin Spice and Everything nice?

What: Clydesdale mare. Needs: showname, name will be Queenie.

What: Falabella gelding. Needs: Showname, name will be Meiko (that’s the name of my friends mini).

 What: Frisian mare. Needs: showname, name will be Luna.

What: Hanoverian foal. Needs: name and showname.

What: Hanoverian gelding. Needs: name and showname.

Image result for images of the Schleich Hanoverian mareWhat: Hanoverian mare. Needs: name and showname.

Image result for images of the Schleich LipizzanerWhat: Lipizzaner foal. Needs: name and showname.

Image result for images of the Schleich Mustang mareWhat: Mustang mare. Needs: showname, name will be Dark Sunshine.

Image result for images of the Schleich Mustang mareWhat: Mustang stallion. Needs: showname, name will be Ace.

Image result for images of the Schleich Mustang StallionWhat: Mustang stallion. Needs: showname, name will be New Moon.

Image result for images of the Schleich Pinto MareWhat: Pinto Mare. Needs: showname, name will be Black Cloud.

Image result for images of the Schleich Shetland Pony geldingWhat: Shetland Pony gelding. Needs: showname, name will be Marble Cake.

Image result for images of the Schleich Shire mareWhat: Shire mare. Needs: name and showname.

Image result for images of the Schleich Tennessee Walker mareWhat: Tennessee Walker mare. Needs: name and showname.

Image result for images of the Schleich Tinker foalWhat: Tinker foal. Needs: name and showname. preferably a colt name.

Image result for images of the Schleich Tinker stallionWhat: Tinker stallion. Needs: name and showname.

Image result for images of the Schleich Trakehner mareWhat: Trakehner mare. Needs: showname, name will be Zee-Zee.


Thank you far taking the time to read this. 😊 I would really appriciate it if you took the time to comment name and showname ideas for these guys. Also, you can comment shownames for any horses that do not have any shownames on The Herd page.



Black Board

Hello everyone! Right now I am on vacation so this post is going to be relatively short. First (since it won’t take long) DB Productionz uploaded episode 6 of Dimension High: Portal Quarrels ✨

Next, I promised filliefanatic that I would make a tutorial for something she may want. I must inform you first, this was not my idea. It originally came from an American Girl DIY French cafe book, or something like that. Anyways, sorry I have no pictures, I have not done this myself (yet).

supplies: black board of size you want, chalk, printer.

  1. If you want, you can out line your black board in coffee stirrers if it does not already have a border.
  2. Go to Google and choose the design/words that you want and print them out at the size that you want.
  3. Cut out the design/words and color the entire back of the paper with chalk.
  4. Lay the paper with your design/words on the black board, then trace and color in the design/words on the paper with a pencil (it’s okay if you scribble😜)
  5. Take away the paper and the chalk should have come of the paper were the design/words were. 🎊

And Congratulations! You have a beautiful Black board design! It may also work with a white board, but I am not sure…

But I am going to have to try this some day. Maybe I will make some sort of back drop…

Why? 😔

I have nothing to post about today, but I am posting anyways. So, whatevs. This week I have basketball camp with Season 🏀 (you can see she comments on here). So that takes a lot of time. Also, I am going to New Hampshire (aghh!😝)next week for a family vacation, which means I am taking an extra riding lesson this Friday at noon. I feel like my summer is going to be here and gone in a flash. Why!? Why!? Why!? I kind of  wanted to go out to Ohio at some point this summer to visit with my cousins and maybe go the ark at the Creation Museum🙂 soz. I did take some pictures of some tiny things that I made for my models that I will (eventually) make into posts. But I feel like I will never be able to make cool stuff like I see other people make. I mean, Filliefanatic, you did a awesome job on Diagon Alley, I just wish I could make something like that for one of the horse book series that I read. And to top it off, a YouTuber made a video that I really want to see private. (sorry, but I am not going to be telling you who) But anyways, I hope I didn’t make any of you feel bad or anything, but, I think I just needed to say something. Thanks for taking the time to read this.