A Short Trip

Recently, a few of the boarders here at Western Star Stables ventured out into the wild west of Arizona for rodeos and a bit of site-seeing.

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Sweetheart and Pegasus had a great time playing by the lake
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Wyatt had the opportunity to work more with Stormy
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He was even able to mount her after a few days of hard work

Everyone had a great time at the rodeo and exploring the mountains in the area

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Even Brighty had fun scrambling over the rocks!
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Everyone had a great time while in Arizona and are hoping to return in the future.


Photo Shoot

I was able to go back to Virginia again earlier this month. Sadly, I had to miss when Sam left for the year, but I did end up having fun.

While I was away, I was able to take quite a few photos.

Gracie Racetrack_01

One place we went to was called Stable Craft Brewery. They have the best food, so if you’re going to Virginia, go check it out! One of the best parts about this place is that they have horses EVERYWHERE!!! You’re allowed to wander the property looking for them, too. All the decor inside was horse-y as well and the bathroom stalls looked like real stalls! They also had a race track for pony racing, and I was able to take a few pictures on it with Gracie and Rose Briar.

Gracie Racetrack_03

Gracie on the track.

Rose Briar Racetrack_01

Rose Briar Racetrack_02

I think that the mares throughly enjoyed themselves while they were exploring the place.

Rose Briar Stallway_01

Sorry about the bad lighting on Rose Briar’s photos. I had left her in the car not thinking I’d have time to take pictures of them, and I didn’t realize I wanted pictures with her until it was some what dark, so her pictures didn’t turn out as well as the others.

Creekside Trailride_01

Another thing we did was go on a hike down to President Herbert Hoover’s personal retreat: Rapidan Camp. Jen and Erika decided to take Rose Briar and Dakota for a trail ride instead of walking to the camp.

Creekside Trailride_02

We had a bit of a dilemma on the way down…

Creekside Trailride_03Creekside Trailride_04

The girls switched horses for the ride home. There was a bridge close to the camp and Jen thought it would be a good exercise for Dakota and Rose Briar to be less spooky when crossing bridges. All went well except the fact that Erika had to reach over and help pull Dakota onto the bridge.

Creekside Trailride_05

On their way back, the girls reached the river and decided to let the horses play a bit.


Creekside Trailride_08

Time to go swimming!

I was also able to take some pictures of the mares without tack.

Rose Briar Creek_02

Dakota Waterfall_01

Rose Briar Creek_03




More Vacation Pictures

Another vacation from June and I haven’t shared pictures. Some times I just really annoy myself. Anyways, here we go.


I was able to get a few pictures of Buttermilk looking of the cliff.


I think I like this one best.


Autumn had fun climbing on all the rocks.


Another view with Buttermilk.




More Rocks.


Buttermilk and Autumn insisted on having a picture together.


Sweetheart along a fence.


Texas decided he wanted to try to jump. Luckily he stuck the landing.


Belinda was interested in the garden and insisted on having her picture taken with all her favorite vegetables.



Teddy Bear and Hotspot decided to have a game of chase.


I thought Hotspot would look good against the pole. I like the look of the distressed white paint against her Appaloosa coat.




Playing tag around the poll.


Teddy Bear and Hotspot on the porch. BTW, the location is a Freedman’s house over by James Madison’s Montpelier.

We were able to go to the Shenandoah National Park where we saw a BUNCH of bears and deer.


So that is all for this post. See you all next time!





Feeling Beachy

Y’all, it has been, like, FOREVER since I posted! So, so sorry about that. Anywho, I decided it was about time to tell everyone about my trip the beach in May. (See how far behind I am!?)

So let’s get started. I only took pictures of my model at the first beach we went to, but who cares!? (Well, maybe I do…)



Nelson walking on the beach.


Checking out the bushes. (Faxa)


Nelson and Faxa trapped in the sand. No, Nelson is not disloyal to Dakota, he and Faxa just happened to be the two horses I decided to bring along that day.

Here are a few pictures I took of other things I saw at the beach


I also got some decent pictures of the wild ponies on Assateague!


Thanks for reading y’all! I will hopefully have a post with pictures from Virginia and some from Horse Camp soon.

See ya!





The Promised Land Bible Camp-Monday

So here is what we did on Monday.

We woke up at 7:30 and had a breakfast of pancakes and oatmeal at 8:00. After that, we had morning devotions. Then, we went back to our cabins for cabin clean up. Pretty much all we did was make our beds, swept the floor, cleaned the bathroom and put our stuff away.

At 9:00, we started our Amazing Skills, which was riflery, horseback riding, Bible memory, canoeing, and archery. Each activity was a 1/2 hour. At 12:30, we had lunch and at 1:00, we had our Bible class.

We went up to the Sports Field at 2:00 for our Amazing activity. The first part, everyone on your team had to stand on one cardboard piece; then, the person in the back would hand up the last piece, the person in the front would lay it in front of their piece, and everyone would move forward one piece. The second part is a bit hard to explain, so I’m providing you guys with a link so that you can see what we did. Here. 

Once we were done, they opened up the snack shop and then the boys went and did their activity while us girls went swimming with the minis. At 4:00, we went to the law and high rope course to do our activity, which was bunch of trust exercises. One was one person stood on a post, and everyone else put their hands out, and then the person on the post fall and everyone else would catch them.

At 5:30, we had supper, and then we went up to the Sports Field again for another Amazing Activity. I think that night we played soccer. At 7:00, we went to change for our 7:30 service. 8:30, they opened up the snack shop again, and at 9:00, we had anouther activity. For this night, we went up to the gym to play blind volley ball. It’s like volley ball, but there is a tarp over the net so that you can’t see who on the other team has the ball, or where the ball is coming from.

At 10:00, we had our cabin devotions and some talk time, and at 10:30, we turned the lights out.

Be sure to check tomorrow for what we did on Tuesday!


The Promised Land Bible Camp-Sunday

Hey guys! Sorry  I didn’t warn you about my leave for camp last week. It was a blast! Here’s what I did day one.

We arrived around 5:00, but we didn’t see anyone checking kids in, so we drove around the property for a few minutes. After week got checked in, we put my stuff in my the cabin I was staying in, which was Simeon 4. Then  I went over and waited in line with my friend, Haley, while she checked in. I also noticed that one of my friends from my church was going, which I had no clue about before, so that was a pleasant surprise. 🎊 At 6:00, after everyone’s parents left, we had a light dinner. Which was some sort of bean burritos and pizza, which was just a role with cheese and chunks of bacon on it. After that, they open up the snack shop, I don’t recall buying anything that time though.

Then, we went swimming and then had an activity, though I can’t remember what we did. We had cabin devotions after that at 10:00, and at 10:30 we had lights out.

So that’s what we did the first day. But here is a picture of everyone from the last day.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, grass, tree, crowd, outdoor and natureYou can’t really see me because some how I ended up behind a tall dude.

But anyways, tomorrow will be about Monday.

I’m Back!🦄

I am officially back from vacation!🦄 Did you guys miss me? You will NEVER guess where I was last week. I was in Kentucky, but not for Breyerfest.😭 Instead, I went to the Creation Museum and the Ark encounter. I had sooo much fun there; and as soon as my mom uploads pictures from her camera, I will make posts for my trip. So, DB Productionz uploaded episode 7/8 of Dimension High.

If you didn’t know, I believe that after this series is finished, she is doing another Schleich sereies called Dark Paradise.🔮 Also, in my head, I have been plotting a Schleich horse series if I ever get a YouTube channel. It would be called Grace. You guys know Gracie, right? All time jumping champion?


Anyways, she would be an angel, and then there would be this horse on Earth who needs to be taught grace, and then there is other horses with attributes such as Faith, Love, Joy and so on and so forth. And there is also this horse who is, like, the go-between for God and the horse angels. So the go-between tells Gracie that she needs to go to earth and teach this other horse about grace.  But anyways, it will probably not happen because I have no YouTube and no phone.

Okay, have any of you guys seen the new Summer 2017 Schleich horses??? Dey ar weard!

13838Pintabian Mare

13840Pintabian Stallion

13839Pintabian Foal

42389Riding School with Riders.

Check this out!







I may ask for this for Christmas. Hey! Who ever said that you couldn’t have more than one of the same model??? I’ll send you guys the link, as the pictures are pretty small. Schleich🐴

Oh! Almost forgot! I have basketball camp🏀 this week 9-3 so I may not post a whole lot. Bet you can’t guess what my third favorite sport is!

Anyways, I’ll be seeing you!🏀

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!  Sorry for not having a picture. Anyways, yesterday I got home from vacation. See if you can guess what I did from the sequence of emojis!

🎒 🎣🍳🚲 ⛺🚻 (It means they had real bathrooms) 🔥 (probably as close as I will get to a bonfire) 💦 💧 🍔 🐟 🐦 🐸

Comment below if you think you know what I did this weekend! 🌸

Gettysburg Trip-Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my Gettysburg trip! So here it goes!!!

Again, not sure when I woke up, but after everybody got dressed, we went down for breakfast. The Super 8 where we were staying had a  waffle maker (yeah ^_^) but no whipped cream!!! despite the fact that there was no whipped cream 😦 I ended up eating about two whole waffles! Once we were done eating, we took all of our bags out of the truck because we would not be coming back to the hotel.

The first thing we did when we got to the park, was we climbed up Big Round Top (I got it right!!!). There was not much there, but it was fun climbing up. After that, we went to the Eisenhower farm and house. While there, we toured the house and me and my siblings did the Junior Secret Service training, which included using a walkie-talkie.


Filling in the Junior Secret Service book.

Once we filled out the Junior Secret Service book, we caught the next bus back to the visitor center for lunch. It turns out that we brought sour Skittles to Gettysburg, so that’s what we had for dessert.


Eating sour Skittles

I don’t think that my dad knew they were sour Skittles, so when he ate one, his funny face was NOT for show. After lunch we went to the Pennsylvania Monument (I think that is what it was…).


The Pennsylvania Monument.


At the top of the Pennsylvania Monument.

There was a ledge when you look over the edge of the top of the monument, probably for rain water, that had money on it!!! 😛 My mom thinks that people threw the money over the edge like they do for fountains.

After the Pennsylvania Monument, we went to the David Wills House, which is right in town. One thing that I learned in there, was that Abraham Lincoln stayed there when he gave the Gettysburg Address on the battle field of Gettysburg. Once we were done inside, we took a quick pic with a Lincoln statue.


The description said that Lincoln is pointing out the room in the David Wills House were he finished the Gettysburg Address.


Out front of the David Wills House.

After we went through the David Wills House, we went to the Soldier’s National Cemetery. Near the entrance there was a stage that five presidents had made speeches on: Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hover, F.D.R., and Dwight Eisenhower. After that we went to Burger King for supper, and then we went home.

Just for fun, comment below what your favorite vacation was that you have ever gone on!


Gettysburg Trip-Part 1

Good Morning everyone! Last weekend, I went on a trip to Gettysburg with my family, so I decided to make a post (actually two 😉 ) about it! 🙂 ! So, here it goes.

I’m not entirely sure when I got up, but for breakfast, I had a pretzel wrapped hot dog and a cinnamon roll. We skipped church on Sunday because it takes about two hours from our house. When we first got there, we went into the visitors center to get advice on where we should go first. The man at the counter said we should do the museum first, since Monday we should have the rest of the park to our selves. We were able to go on Monday to, because we are homeschooled. But, the man said that there would be some reenactors demonstrating fighting methods, so we went there first. We parked a little ways away, so we had to walk to were the “soldiers” were doing the demo. After that, we walked back to the truck, but before we left, we got to climb up the look-out tower. My five-year-old brother did it twice, so my sister and I decided to do it a second time as well.


At the top of the look-out tower on West Confederate Avenue.

Once we all came down from the look-out tower, we went over to Big Little Round Top (I always get them confused! >_<) And we got to climb up a tower structure that looked like a castle.


At the top of Big (oops!) Little Round Top.

After we ate lunch, we drove back to the visitor center so we could see the museum, but first we got tickets for the cyclorama, which is a big painting that goes the whole way around the room. The first part of the cyclorama was a video about the battle of Gettysburg, then we went into the room were the actual cyclorama was. It wrapped the whole way around the room, and there was some items on the ground in front of it to make it look some what 3-D. There was a narrative to go with the painting, as well as sound effects, and during the narrative, the painting lit up, either pointing out places, or emphasizing the battle sounds. After the narrative was over, we exited out of the doors to a room where it had more information on the painting, the artist, and the restoration.

Once we were done reading about the painting, we went into the actual museum. We stayed in the museum until all most closing time. I think one of the things that I learned in the museum was that this boy, I can’t exactly remember his name >_<, was a veteran at the age of 19. Comment below if you know his name, please. Anyways… So at the end of the day, my parents had promised my brother that he could get a smashed penny, but it turns out, they don’t have you put a penny in! My mom said that they probably use copper discs instead. And I said the reason that they do that is probably because that don’t want you smashing Lincoln’s face. After that, we went to Ruby Tuesday for supper. It was really good. Once we were down eating, we went  back to the hotel, and me, my sister and my brother got to go to the indoor pool.


My brother on one of the beds in the hotel room.

After we got back from the pool, We had to take a shower, but I didn’t have to wash my hair because I keep my hair in a swim cap, because if I don’t. my hair will get all tangled. And so ended the first day of my trip to Gettysburg.