Happy Valentine’s Day! 💖

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Looks like Tinkerbelle is getting something from her special someone! 💝

Have a great day girls! 💖

Towca5oh 💕

P.S. I’m working on getting pictures for some amazing posts. HOWEVER, first I have to actually take them, and then I have to convince my mom to upload them for me. Any who, bye!

I’m Really Starting to Consider This…

Hey girls. Okay, I promise I’m trying to work on pictures for a way more interesting post than this. Any who, I’ve been thinking lately about a number of things. I kind of want to make another blog for stuff like nail art and skin care stuff. My mom thinks I have way to much already with one blog, so I need your opinion. What do you guys think I should do? Should I get another blog, or should I stay with just one? I’m also considering changing my site name to Western Star Stables Blog instead of Horse Crazy for Girls. I’ll still have the same URL, but this site won’t be limited to just girls any more. I kind of like the thought of coming on here and being able to address my audience as ladies, or gals, or something like that. So let me know what you guys think, and I will try to post again soon! Bye.

Towaco5oh 😀