Into the Spotlight… Hotspot!

Did y’all get the hint that there was another post today? Well, you should have! For the second post of the day, Into the Spotlight!

Hotspot, or Apache Hotspot, is a blue-blooded, chestnut Appaloosa mare. Currently the location of Hotspot’s stallion, Towaco, is unknown. But she has had two foals with him while they were together: Dreamer (6 months), and Dawn Runner (1 year).

Hotspot-Apache Hotspot

Though Hotspot has no stallion at the moment, Texas has taken up the roll of honorary guardian stallion. Umm, he came up with that. though she is trained in English as well, Hotspot is generally entered in Western events, such as Western Pleasure, which she has won numerous blue ribbons in.


Normally, Hotspot will hang out with some of the other English/Western mares: Buttermilk, Dakota, Holly, Rosie, Sweetheart, Blossom. Oops! Did I say Blossom? Um, I’ll catch everyone up on that one as soon as more pictures get uploaded.


Hotspot’s amazing outdoor picture. So, I believe that is all for Hotspot. We at Western Star, are looking into purchasing an Appaloosa stallion in the not to distant future. So I will see y’all in the next post!




Wait! Don’t go! I forgot one thing! Very important! I’m looking to change my site title, not URL, just the title. BUT, I need suggestions! I was thinking about something like: My Horse Crazy Life, or This Horse Crazy Girl, or something like that. So, I need you to leave your suggestions in the comments! Thanks!

Towaco5oh🦅 Fly, Eagles, Fly!!!



My Pet Peeves (Horse-y and not)

Good Morning everyone! So, I finally sat down to make a post! (excided voice)

I was thinking about doing another Into the Spotlight post, but decided I needed to vent my anger towards somethings instead.

  1. Spirit Riding Free: This. Show. Is. Dumb. First: You cannot “tame” a wild horse so that you are able to make a bond with it in a matter of, what?, a few days? Second: From the merchandise, it looks like it is supposed to be modern, but I started watching an episode on my friends iPod, and it was, like, 19th century looking.
  2. JoJo Siwa: This. Child. Is. ANNOYING!!! I just don’t like her, period. Everybody is like: “Oh, my word! JoJo Siwa! She’s, like, the best thing in the world!” (really city-like voice) And I’m like: “Really? I mean, she’s just another girl. Why in the world is she so famous?” I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen. She’s going to be a “roll model” for girls, and then when she’s an adult, she’s going to be a terrible person.
  3. Palomino vs. Blonde: You know what really annoys me? People calling Palomino horses blonde. Blonde! That, my friends, is a hair color.
  4. Pinto vs. Paint: Yes, tis true. Pinto is a breed and Paint is a color. So, if any of you people now hate me for saying this. I’m okay with that. Enough of people already hate me.

So, I think that is all for today. Or is it? (Suspicious voice) Anywho, hope you all have a great rest of your morning!