Yes there are a few rules on this page, and here they are.

  1. Never post pictures of yourself naked on here. If you do so, I will mark your comment as a spam (not saying that you guys would actually do that).
  2. Don’t ever post your address, if you must, only your country, state and city.
  3. Don’t ever post any ones last name. I do this occasionally make this mistake, but if I do, go ahead and remind me of this. 😊
  4. When commenting, please do not copy and paste comments, and don’t post poooooop or jibberish. If you do, I will trash your comment.
  5. Don’t be mean, offend, or make fun of other peeps.
  6. IF any pictures on any of my other posts do not show up, don’t just skip over that post. Please alert me of it so that I may fix it.
  7. Most importantly, have fun! 🌸