Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!



Bonus! Whoever can guess which foal snuck some candy corn get a virtually “bag” of candy! (Hint: she’s in the above picture)

Have a fun night! Don’t eat to much candy and remember to brush and floss your teeth! What are you guys’ plans for tonight, and what your you dressing up as?

Towaco5oh👻 🎃


Recently, I made a tiny Jack-o-lantern.


Please enjoy the photo backdrop, this is the only post using it. 🙂


The lid does come off.


Quick look inside. Don’t judge, this is my first attempt, so it definitely doesn’t look perfect.


I did make a hole in the back so that you can stick a light in it.


Ciara seems a bit scared. Silly! It’s only a pumpkin.😂


Gypsy doesn’t seem to mind much.


It does (kind of) fit in (ahem, on) Melinda’s hand. However, it may be more than a little big. Let’s just hope it doesn’t scare away too many trick-or-treat-er’s tomorrow night. 

Bye! Towaco5oh🦄


Into the Spotlight… Jack!

Hey guys! This time, I decided to do a Halloween themed Into the Spotlight post; so I chose Jack.

Jack-Jack the Pumpkin King

Since he showname is Jack the Pumpkin King🎃, I did him for this post. He showname was inspired by the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Jack is the retired Clydesdale foal. He was originally going to be a filly, but I thought he looked more like a colt. Also, even though he is supposed to be a foal, he’s pretty big compared to the other foals (Yeah, I now, he’s a draft, he’s going to be that way). But anyways, I decided to make him a yearling. Jack hasn’t done much in the show world other than Draft foal in-hand showing; let’s just say he wasn’t the best performer.

Jack-Jack the Pumpkin King

Young as he is, Jack is filly-friend colt-friend with Jingle Bells🔔.


Jack’s dad is Buck, but sadly, his mother is unknown to everyone at Western Star Stables.

Next weeks Into the Spotlight. Another Halloween themed name. Can you guess who? One hint🎃.





Hey guys! Not to long ago, I made a handful of faux leather halters.


I made this post after seeing filliefanatic’s How Smart! post.

I made one for Meikko.



One for Starlight.


One for Gracie.


One for Silfra.


One for Rose Briar.


One for Daydream.


And one for Tinkerbelle.


I’m very happy with the over all result, and I will definitely be making more soon.

Sneek Peek for next post! Into the Spotlight… J!

Can you guess who it is?



Yeah! This past weekend was Fusion at my church! Fusion is like this big giant sleep over at one of the kids in your student groups homes. This year’s theme was baseball so the tee shirts looked like this. Our key attribute (I’m pretty sure that’s what you would call it) was humility, so Wednesday, Saturday (the kick-off) and Sunday’s sermons/lessons had humility as there theme. Here is a video of the kick-off.

My group shows up at about 2:11.

At the sleep over, we at supper, had a group discution, and then just did random things. We played Apples to Apples. We tried to play truth or dare, but that didn’t work out to well. We also watched Aladdin and The Sound of Music. Three of the girls fell asleep not to late, but me and the other girls stayed up WAY to late. At 3AM, everyone started to get paranoid because it was the so called “witching hour”. Sarah and Emma had been telling ghost stories, so everyone was SUPER paranoid by them. Everyone curled up underneath the counter. Then we talked about more stuff. At about 5AM I decided I needed to sleep, so I went to bed. When I finally got out of my sleeping bag, one of the girls was having a “cooking show” in the kitchen, and everyone was like “Yeah! Tanna’s up!” Courtney was filming the cooking show with Elyssia’s phone, so she pointed it on me and said “How are you feeling?” I simply said “tired”.

During the sermon, Lily and Sarah both fell asleep, and Audrey (one of my student leaders) took a picture of them.

Here are some pictures for Fusion.

ALSO, the Winter Retreat is next January and I’m super excited! We stay over night at the camp for TWO NIGHTS!!!

Anyways, Seeya!




Schleich Photography.

So after I got those pictures for my Schleich Haul post, I let them run around my yard.




Some how Meikko made it up onto the rocks.


Careful Sassafras don’t fall!!!

She did fall, but something happened to that picture. (suspicious tone)

(muffled yelling from Amber) Don’t look at me!



Lily, how did you get down in the Mums???🌸




I think Koda and Cholate S’mores found the straw bale on my porch.


Forgot to mention, I also got the retired alpaca female, who I name Chocolate S’mores. Her baby’s name is Peanut Butter S’mores.

After they were all tuckered out, I made sure they got in there proper pastures and where situated before leaving them to make friends with the rest of the horses. Pictures shoudl be up on The Herd page!

See ya!


Schleich Haul

Hey guys! Since my birthday was last week, I have accumulated more horses.

So I FINALLY got pictures uploaded, so here are the beauties.


Diamond, or Diamond in the Rough.💎


Diamond💎 is the retired Hanoverian colt, and I am in love with him!


I love how Schleich made it look as though he is really walking.

For those of you who don’t know, I prefer to collect retired Schleich, as my chances of finding them in the future are slim.

Rose Briar and Diamond

And just a picture of him and his mom just because they look really cool together.

Teddy Bear-Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Bear or Theodore Roosevelt.

Teddy Bear-Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Bear is the retired Dartmoor stallion. I have no clue when they retired him, so if any of you know, please tell me.

Teddy Bear-Theodore Roosevelt

He’s so CUTE!!!!!

Koda-I am not Musical

Then we have Koda, or I am not Musical.🎶

Koda-I am not Musical

Koda is the retired Hanoverian stallion and Diamond’s💎 dad.


Then we have Hotspot, or Apache Hotspot.


Hotspot is the retired Appaloosa mare.


Yeah, I know, it’s her butt. But I really like how Schleich made her snowflake pattern.❄


She’s also squared up almost perfectly.❤


And Hotspot’s foal (who is actually a yearling), Dawn or Dawn Runner. But I’m leaning towards re-naming her Sugar. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know!💙 💚 💛 💜 ❤


So she is the retired Appaloosa foal/yearling, AND Dreamer’s big sister.


Again, I really like how Schleich gave her a snowflake pattern.❄


MEIKKO!!!!!!!!😍 Oh, my word! I love this guy so much!


Meikko currently does not have a show name, but he is name after my friend’s mini. And since the real Meikko has a show name, I’m going to ask my friend what her mini’s show name is.


Lily or Tennessee Lily.🌷


Lily is the retired Tennessee Walker yearling AND Sparks’ big sister. As of this year, she and the next horse have been retired two years.


Again, her feet are very nicely squared up, which is great when she’s in-hand showing.

Sassafras-Sassafras Tea

Last horse! Sassafras or Sassafras Tea.☕

Sassafras-Sassafras Tea

Sassafras is the retired Shire foal. Sadly, Schleich hasn’t retired either of her parents yet, so she just hangs out with Jack and Jingle Bells.🎄

Sassafras-Sassafras Tea

There is one thing that I don’t really like about her; and that is that it always looks like she’s shedding, even in the middle of winter.❄


The last thing I got was a Western saddle and bridle. Here is it on Koda.


And the other side.


And on Hotspot.


And the other side.

Thank you guys so much for sticking with me in this terribly long post. More pictures of them up soon!



P.S. A special thanks to (HorseLover4Ever) Elizabeth for being follower number 7! Yeah!💖 I’m still hoping to get to 10 followers by Christmas, so if you haven’t hit that follow button, go ahead and do that now. See ya!





The Tiny Box

Not to long ago. A tiny box became real.


This was made out of popsicle sticks and a piece of a tooth pick.


It is capable of holding lots of items.






Nail polish perhaps?



Or lemon tarts?

Anyways, sorry this was a short post. Hopefully, I’ll have more pictures up soon. Especially of the new horses. I may re-blog someones post soon.

Anyways, I’ll be seein’ ya!


Auradon Prep-Part 3

This the last post guys! so I hope you enjoy!


So in the beginning of Descendants 2, Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos are standing around a bubbling cauldron filled to the brim with shiny red apples that have been poisoned. But it’s not exactly poison. Whenever some one bits into the apple, they immediately become evil. In the movie, everyone started to dance around and graphitti things, including King Beast’s statue. So, I created the area where the VK’s were making the potion.


The apples!


Next room! Dizzy Tremaine’s room. Dizy is the daughter of Drizzella, and is played by Latte. As you may have picked up, Dizzy used to work at her grandmother’s salon.


Some nail polish, a blow drier, hair spray and some sort of brush.


Her bed with a kindle and iPhone.


Doug and Chad’s room. Doug is the son of Dopey, and is played by Texas. Chad is the son of Prince Charming and Cinderella, and is played by Traveller.


A sink with some gems on it.


A chest.


A bed with Chad’s iPod and Doug’s iPhone and kindle.

So that is the end of Auradon Prep. There is a top room now, but I don’t have pictures of that at the moment. Anyways, my next post should be more exciting. So, yeah.

See ya!🦄


Auradon Prep-Part 2

Hey guys! Welcome back to Auradon Prep! Today is part 2, yay! Let’s start with Carlos and Jays’ room.


I did add a bit of glitter paper to the walls, but that was after I took the pictures.


First, the candy! The limo that took Jay, Evie, Mal and Carlos over to Auradon was stuffed with all kinds of treats. Somehow, Jay and Carlos were able to sneak some of it out of the limo without being noticed.


Jay’s bed. And for those of you who don’t know, Jay is the son of Jafar and is played by Sam; and Carlos is the son of Cruella De Vil and is played by Nelson.


Carlos’ bed.


DUDE! Dude is just a dog that Carlos adopted. Oh, he also talks.

Next room! Mal and Evie’s room.


I love this room so much!!!!


This is there vanity. Basically just has some nail polish, the gold clutch, and a few gems.


This was originally a unicorn horn for Charger I made out of clay, but it broke. Now it is used for a hook for Evie’s heart necklace.


Evie looking in the mirror.


My beautiful hand aswell.


Evie again. She is the daughter of Evil Queen, and is played by Rose Briar.


Mal reading her mother’s spell book while having some strawberries. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, Mal is practically obsessed with strawberries. On their bed, they have their phones and the TV remote. Mal is the daughter of Maleficent, and is played by Starlight.


LONE LIVE EVIL! I’m not sure when, but at some point Mal spray painted this in there room. For those of you who have seen my “Is this to much?” post, it should look familiar, for those of you who haven’t.

Image result for Long Live Evil picture

Last room. Harry and Gil.


Harry is the son of Captain Hook and is played by Charger. Gil is the son of Gaston and is played by Hot Fudge.


Beds, tip of Harry’s hook.


Box of shells.

Hope you guys like this post! Look out for Part 3 and 4 coming soon!