Happy Halloween!!! 🎃🎃🎃

Happy Halloween everyone!


I was finally able to make costumes for more than one horse unlike last year.


I used the same candy as last since I have been insanely busy and hadn’t had time to make more candy.


Tawil and Starlight got to dress up as Dracula horses. Zey vant to suck your blood!


Coffee Cake got to be a mummy like Gracie last year.


Flash back to last year’s picture.


Luna is supposed to be a skeleton. I drew it with white crayon and I should be able to get it off with a magic eraser.


Amber with Count Starlight.


Sam with Coffee Cake the mummy.


Amber with Luna. There was originally a mask to go with the costume. I’m currently using it for Traveller though it is a bit big.


Lucy with Count Tawil. You can see the jack-o-lantern I made last year in the arena with a light inside of it.


Happy Halloween everyone! Don’t eat to much candy and remember to brush your teeth!


P.S. I’m staying up late tonight to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. Alone. Although Jack, our Clydesdale colt will probably be with me. It’s his favorite movie. After all, he is named after the mane (I mean main) character. Preview below!

Favorite clip. Watch this guys lip.

See ya!


Happy D-Day!

Happy D-Day! June 6th is the day that allied troops stormed the Normandy beaches during WWII.

Shall we have a song? Spotify people ⬇️

Spotify WWII

Other people ⬇️

Pay attention to the lyrics for this one. They are hysterical.

Now for the rest of the advent days.

21. stickers with Butterfly and bowl


Impressive, right?

22. One pile green apples


Honestly, I need these like I need a hole in the head.

23. IMG_4489IMG_4490

Taffy seems to like it.

And now, the grand reveal of the 2017 Schleich Horse Club Advent Day #24




Tawil! (pronounsed: Tu-wall)


He is the Schleich special edition Arabian stallion and I am absolutely in love with him💕IMG_4501

Amazing details on his tail.Tawil-?

Super cute face!

I will see y’all in the next post!



I am Not Dead!

My dudes! I’m still alive! Sorry for not posting recently, my schedule has been like “😬” and my life is like “😧”. So, I have a few life updates. I have an upcoming show, so that’s all “😁”. I was going to ride a different mare than the one I’m riding for barrel racing and pole bending, but I decided it’s better to stay with the mare I have since the show is Memorial Day weekend. (Gracious, is it only two weeks away?😲). Anywho, I do have, like, one picture of me pole bending from the other week.


Yeah, my jeans are messed up on purpose (kinda). My sister is supposed to take pictures and videos of my riding at lessons and at my show. Oh, my other horse also got back from Vermont on Tuesday. Yeah! Sam’s back! So that’s cool. If you haven’t seen pictures of Sam, he’s the one in my profile pic and he’s now on the post!


So that’s that. Now for the Advent Calendar. I’m doing days 14-20, so buckle up.

Day 14

One piece tan fencing.


Pretty boring, right?

Day 15

One pile of red apples🍎


This is where they were until my stable had to be moved to the basement.

Day 16

Magenta curry comb


Day 17

Papallion puppy

IMG_4479This is Butterfly. A special shout out to filliefanatic for suggesting the name!IMG_4480IMG_4481

Day 18

Brown quilted horse blanket with pink edging.


Here it is on Nickers.

Day 19

Light pink halter and lead.


Again, Nickers’ gets to be the model. I just hope this doesn’t go to her head…

Day 20

One piece tan fencing.

Darn all this fencing!


Okay, I have a few more updates for y’all.

First, my mom got a Spotify account and I , well, took it over. So for those of you who have Spotify you can go here to view my favorite playlist. It consists of my favorite songs we sing or use as recap songs we use in CSM.

Second. For school we are studying WWII. One of my favorite songs is by Spike Jones and is called DER FÜHRER”S FACE. Below is the music video and Donald Duck cartoon.


I also like his song Little Bo Peep has Lost her Jeep

So I think that is it. I’m currently making two different series with my model horses but I need to get YouTube in order for other people to watch them.

See y’all in the next post!



First Attempts

A while ago I made a leather saddle of the leather working category for my local fairs.


This came from a tutorial from Daisy Stalls on YouTube.

Mine definately doesn’t look as good as hers.


However, I do like the detail I put into it.


I had my mom singe the ends of the ribbon so that they would fray.


It is real leather, so the edges are not as neat as I would have liked.


I hope you enjoyed this.


I’m Back!🦄

I am officially back from vacation!🦄 Did you guys miss me? You will NEVER guess where I was last week. I was in Kentucky, but not for Breyerfest.😭 Instead, I went to the Creation Museum and the Ark encounter. I had sooo much fun there; and as soon as my mom uploads pictures from her camera, I will make posts for my trip. So, DB Productionz uploaded episode 7/8 of Dimension High.

If you didn’t know, I believe that after this series is finished, she is doing another Schleich sereies called Dark Paradise.🔮 Also, in my head, I have been plotting a Schleich horse series if I ever get a YouTube channel. It would be called Grace. You guys know Gracie, right? All time jumping champion?


Anyways, she would be an angel, and then there would be this horse on Earth who needs to be taught grace, and then there is other horses with attributes such as Faith, Love, Joy and so on and so forth. And there is also this horse who is, like, the go-between for God and the horse angels. So the go-between tells Gracie that she needs to go to earth and teach this other horse about grace.  But anyways, it will probably not happen because I have no YouTube and no phone.

Okay, have any of you guys seen the new Summer 2017 Schleich horses??? Dey ar weard!

13838Pintabian Mare

13840Pintabian Stallion

13839Pintabian Foal

42389Riding School with Riders.

Check this out!







I may ask for this for Christmas. Hey! Who ever said that you couldn’t have more than one of the same model??? I’ll send you guys the link, as the pictures are pretty small. Schleich🐴

Oh! Almost forgot! I have basketball camp🏀 this week 9-3 so I may not post a whole lot. Bet you can’t guess what my third favorite sport is!

Anyways, I’ll be seeing you!🏀

Electronic Update

Hey guys, a little while ago I made some really cool items for the Schleich girls.


They even have tiny Apple signs on them!🍎 🍏


First, I made seven iPhones and my sister made one iPod.



The screens I painted on with black nail polish. 💅

Then we have two laptops with mice.



I personally think that the apple on the silver computer is the most realistic.

Then we have a flat screen TV with a remote.📺


The remote was modeled after my TV remote.


And finally, we have one Kindle and one iPad.



Now I just need a camera…

Okay, two more things.

1: Fatal Potato posted a video on YouTube on the 4th.

This is kind of big deal, since she has not posted a video for 4 months!

2: I won’t be doing any more posts this week, as I am leaving for vacation tomarrow.

Anyways, see ya!

Black Board

Hello everyone! Right now I am on vacation so this post is going to be relatively short. First (since it won’t take long) DB Productionz uploaded episode 6 of Dimension High: Portal Quarrels ✨

Next, I promised filliefanatic that I would make a tutorial for something she may want. I must inform you first, this was not my idea. It originally came from an American Girl DIY French cafe book, or something like that. Anyways, sorry I have no pictures, I have not done this myself (yet).

supplies: black board of size you want, chalk, printer.

  1. If you want, you can out line your black board in coffee stirrers if it does not already have a border.
  2. Go to Google and choose the design/words that you want and print them out at the size that you want.
  3. Cut out the design/words and color the entire back of the paper with chalk.
  4. Lay the paper with your design/words on the black board, then trace and color in the design/words on the paper with a pencil (it’s okay if you scribble😜)
  5. Take away the paper and the chalk should have come of the paper were the design/words were. 🎊

And Congratulations! You have a beautiful Black board design! It may also work with a white board, but I am not sure…

But I am going to have to try this some day. Maybe I will make some sort of back drop…

🌌 Speculations episode 5 🌌

Episode 5 of Dimension High was released 3 days ago. ☺ 😎

Also, I found out that there is a Schleich horse MV for my favorite song. 😍 🐎 🐴 🏇 🎠

Again, if you have any showname suggestions for horse on “The Herd” page that do not have shownames, or ideas for a new webpage picture, comment below. Also, for those of you guys who have iPad or iPhones, I would Really appreciate it if you made a comment with a unicorn emoji because my mom does not have it on her computer and I really really want one. So if you would be kind enough to do so, I could just copy and paste it. One more thing, I am going to a home school convention this Friday to Saturday, so I probably won’t be posting the rest of the week. So, yeah.

Anyways, have a great rest of the week!!! 😍 🐎 🐴 🏇 🎠

# Hannah

Yeah! My friend Hannah got her YouTube channel!!! 🍭 🐶 🐶 You guys should totally subscribe to her, and Minki, might want to see if you got any more subscribers. A little bird told me she saw someone subscribe (hint hint). 🍭 I may do barn tours on there with her, so keep your eyes peeled! 🍭

Perilous Portals

Episode four of Dimension High was released yesterday.


Also, thank you to my friends Season for being another commenter! And don’t forget to post any questions you have here.  I do also have an apology today. 😦 I did reblog your latest post Minki, but then I deleted it and put in the Q&A post. Super sorry!