Barn Tour!!!

Schleich Horse Lover 200 uploaded a new barn tour for Silver Star Stables!

I did not post her last video because it was just her new intro, and it was pretty boring all by its self. Their have not been many interesting tutorials on YouTube lately, or Schleich/Breyer videos (except Schleich Horse Lover 200’s new barn tour!).


I simply cannot wait until my mom gets her new computer! I am dying for her to upload some pictures so that I can make, like, five posts. But in the mean time, I have to be content with videos.

A little while ago, I watched some tutorials from The Square to Spare. I learned about this channel from Nichelle at Desktop Stables as well. One of the tutorials was for miniature desk supplies.

I also watched tutorials for an Ikea loft bed

and a matching pillow and mattress to go with it.

I like how this is a “no sew” tutorial so you can do it even if you HATE to sew. I am super excited to make the bulletin board because I recently made some tacks out of wire, hot glue, and seed beads so that if I make it, I won’t have to glue pictures to it, I can just put them up with the tacks!

See ya!


New Video

I need to stop posting only videos! It is like the only thing I post now! >_< But today I have a video from a different channel. The channel is Petit Palm.

Once again, I have not watched this video yet, but I will as soon as possible. I learned about this channel all thanks to Nichelle at Desktop Stables. This video is supposed to be 1:6 scale I believe, but I am hoping that it will work for Schleich (After all, Nichelle’s Miniature JAH magazines work great for my Schleich girls).

Have a great rest of the week!


Three Videos

There are three new videos for Schleich Horse Lover 200! Her they are in order of when they were posted.




Db Productionz also posted the first video for her Dimension High series.

I am waiting for my mom to upload pictures onto the computer so that I can post about something that I made for my Schleich girls.

See Ya!

Old Post turned into New post

I am turning an old post into a new post today, and here it is.


Okay, so on Tuesday, we went to my aunt’s who lives in York county. While we where there, she gave me and my siblings a bag of Christmas presents. I let my siblings open their’s first. so when I opened mine, I found the Schleich Tennessee Walker stallion, Tinker stallion, Tennessee Walker colt, and the Clydesdale foal! The Tennessee Walker stallion I named Charger, the Tinker stallion I named Domino, the Tennessee Walker colt I named Sparks (his show name is Fireworks), and the Clydesdale foal I named Jingle Bells. I was really excited to get these models, and the two foals I wanted to get when I had some money to spend freely, and I had wanted to get Domino really bad, but I was going to wait until they stopped making him. Taylor is training Charger and Dressage, and she bred him with Tennessee Rose this morning so she can have Sparks by Christmas.Here are a few pictures.


Are they not just the cutest things!


You can probably see how I really wanted to get Domino.

Charger-Shut Up and Dance with Me

Charger would look perfect in Dressage.


This is an old post from last year that was under a separate page. I am changing that page to something else right now, so I just moved the post to my home page.

Coming Soon

Coming later this month. New stuff for the stable with up-to-date pictures. (Yeah!)And maybe a new YouTube video. I found a new WordPress blog by filliefanatic. She follows Desktop Stables and she had a link to her blog because she nominated Desktop Stables for the Blogger Recognition award. So I clicked the link and liked what I saw. She too has a bunch of Schleich horses which I thought was so cool. Nichelle at Desktop Stables also posted videos from channels that she watches. I think that she has been on my blog secretively and she stole my idea. If you guys here of any horse related WordPress blogs, let me know please!