Welcome to Horse Crazy for Girls!😊 I am Towaco5oh and I have been horse-crazy ever since I can remember. I was born in 2005, so I will let you guys figure out how old I am now from that!🐴 This year will be my third year for collecting model horses (I think…). I live in Pennsylvania, and I take lessons over the Summer☀ at the South Mountain YMCA camp, it is about 5 minutes from my house. I am in the Welsh Mountain 4-H🍀 group in New Holland PA. I am currently part of the Cocalico Sportsman club’s BB Guns team and .22 team (which goes on in the Summer☀).🔫 I also play basketball🏀 in the winter,❄ and soccer⚽ in the Fall🍁. Over the school year, I participate in my church’s Discovery Clubs on Wednesday nights. My all time favorite horse is Sam, the gelding a ride at the YMCA.🐎 Feel free to ask me questions about stuff, including random things. I hope you enjoy my site! 😎

Feel free to contact me!

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  1. Hey towaco5oh

    Don’t worry about the whole re-blog thing, I really don’t mind 🙂
    I can see all my followers emails on my dashboard.
    Again thankyou for subscribing to my YouTube channel 🙂


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