Sunday 4-H Meeting

Good Morning! Sorry I haven’t posted since Thursday,😭 I have been pretty busy. But anyways, my sister and I had a 4-H meeting at a one of the girl’s barn (her name is Abi, please don’t kill me if I spelled it wrong). The first thing we did was we had a little meeting to talk about events and such; one of them being a service project at the South Mountain YMCA Camp where I ride!😍 After that, Dory or Mama D, Abi’s, mom ad us groom and tack up the two mares: Frisky and Ruby 💎. After that, everybody was just kind of switching back and forth with the horses. I got to ride all four of the horses, the other two being geldings:Rusty and Jigs, but I didn’t ride Ruby for long because one side of her saddle is tighter than the other side, she was in a lot of pain when you mounted or dismounted. The meeting was supposed to end at 6:00, but Mama D just kept doing ground work with me and Ruby, and helping me with riding the horses; and my mom just kept on talking! We ended up staying until 9:00! 😱 But anyways, I was so sore yesterday and the Monday! Oh, and Janice, if your listening right now, I cantered for about 5 steps without stirrups! 🐎 Here are some pictures, you can roll over them to see who the people and horses are.

Ooh! One more thing, I took pictures of some model horses that are not yet up on The Herd page!

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Into the Spotlight… Abelard!

Hello everyone! I decided that I would do something like a series on here called into the Spotlight. Each week I will make one Into the Spotlight post, which will focus on the personalities and habits of one horse🐎 or girl💃. As you may have read, Abelard will be starting this series off.😊

Abelard is a Fell Pony stallion with a white body and silver mane. He is the father of Dancer, Latte’s ☕ foal. He is also the arch-enemy of Lightning, our Miniature Shetland stallion. He and Lightning like to think of themselves as the bosses, which is why they should be in separate paddocks. Although, for lack of fencing, they are not. Abelard placed first 🏆 in the Fun, County, district, State and National shows for in-hand showing, as he is very photogenic.📷 His halter was specially made for him from a tutorial by Schleich Horse Lover 200. The reason it is pink is because Taylor (his owner) thinks he looks good in the color (which he most certainly does!).Abelard-?

Abelard is strong and willing to obey, though when Lightning is around, his behavior is another story.  He is also very gentle, which makes him ideal for pony rides and beginners. 🎠 If you guys want, you can suggest a horse/girl for next week. Thanks! 😊


Black Board

Hello everyone! Right now I am on vacation so this post is going to be relatively short. First (since it won’t take long) DB Productionz uploaded episode 6 of Dimension High: Portal Quarrels ✨

Next, I promised filliefanatic that I would make a tutorial for something she may want. I must inform you first, this was not my idea. It originally came from an American Girl DIY French cafe book, or something like that. Anyways, sorry I have no pictures, I have not done this myself (yet).

supplies: black board of size you want, chalk, printer.

  1. If you want, you can out line your black board in coffee stirrers if it does not already have a border.
  2. Go to Google and choose the design/words that you want and print them out at the size that you want.
  3. Cut out the design/words and color the entire back of the paper with chalk.
  4. Lay the paper with your design/words on the black board, then trace and color in the design/words on the paper with a pencil (it’s okay if you scribble😜)
  5. Take away the paper and the chalk should have come of the paper were the design/words were. 🎊

And Congratulations! You have a beautiful Black board design! It may also work with a white board, but I am not sure…

But I am going to have to try this some day. Maybe I will make some sort of back drop…