Snap on a Saddle Charm

A few weeks ago, my riding instructor from Australia went home. I decided to make her a saddle charm to thank her for being my riding instructor and so that she would always remember me.

Snap on a Saddle Charm

The emoji charm I made out of clay.

Snap on a Saddle Charm

If you want to make one, I used a tutorial from Young Rider.


I didn’t have any leather lace on hand, so I used lead rope tutorial from Desktop Stables.

You can also see my lovely pegasus earings.


Anyways, see ya soon!🐎


Salad Anyone?


A little while I made a tiny salad for my Schleich girls.


I guess it is some sort of strawberry🍓 and carrot🥕 salad.

The strawberries came from a cane tutorial by SugarCharmShop.

Mine don’t look half as good as hers.


But at least there still small.

One more thing. Strawberries🍓 or carrots🥕? Leave your answer in the comments!

“Is this too much?”

Hey guys! I recently have had this obsession with Disney Descedants. So, a little while ago, I made some ‘”jewelry” to go with it.

First, I made Evie’s bracelet.

Evie Gold Heart Bracelet (2)



Look alike?

I also I made bracelet for Mal, even though they didn’t have one for the movie.



I also made a necklace for Evie.



I also made a hook for Harry.


Also, I am planning on making little pillows with each of the VK’s Long LIVE EVIL designs.

Image result for Long Live Evil picture      Image result for Long Live Evil picture     Related image     Image result for Long Live Evil picture

Image result for Long Live Evil picture    Image result for Long Live Evil picture

Image result for Long Live Evil picture     Image result for Long Live Evil picture

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this! Oh! Almost forgot. Tomorrow I have a service project at the YMCA where I ride with my 4-H group, and to start it off, I get to demonstrate some tricks on horseback that I learned. So wish me luck!!!





Solar Eclipse

Hey guys! Again, I have been super busy and now I am stuck with a sore throat. Aagh!!!! Anyways, today is the eclipse! Not sure if it goes over Australia and England or not. But, if you guys are in the path of the eclipse, DO NOT LOOK AT IT!!!!! When you look at it, it won’t hurt, but you could go blind! My dad called from work today because he was concerned that me and my siblings might look at the sun. Here is a link to a little video on Google about solar and lunar eclipses.  Also, here is another video I found on another blog. (I have sworn to secrecy what blog it is)


See ya!

Promised Land Bible Camp schedule- CANCELED+ Updates

Sorry for the inconvenience, I have been SUPER busy this past week trying to make stuff for the fair. I have been able to make some miniatures in my spare time though, so they will be up as soon as I get pictures up. ALSO, I am in the process of making a Schliech tack set from the tutorials by Daisy Stalls to enter as leather work. And I am planning on making some really cool pillows soon.

And just because, some horse pictures.

One more thing. Can you guys guess by this picture what my latest craze is?

Evie Gold Heart Bracelet (2)

The Promised Land Bible Camp-Monday

So here is what we did on Monday.

We woke up at 7:30 and had a breakfast of pancakes and oatmeal at 8:00. After that, we had morning devotions. Then, we went back to our cabins for cabin clean up. Pretty much all we did was make our beds, swept the floor, cleaned the bathroom and put our stuff away.

At 9:00, we started our Amazing Skills, which was riflery, horseback riding, Bible memory, canoeing, and archery. Each activity was a 1/2 hour. At 12:30, we had lunch and at 1:00, we had our Bible class.

We went up to the Sports Field at 2:00 for our Amazing activity. The first part, everyone on your team had to stand on one cardboard piece; then, the person in the back would hand up the last piece, the person in the front would lay it in front of their piece, and everyone would move forward one piece. The second part is a bit hard to explain, so I’m providing you guys with a link so that you can see what we did. Here. 

Once we were done, they opened up the snack shop and then the boys went and did their activity while us girls went swimming with the minis. At 4:00, we went to the law and high rope course to do our activity, which was bunch of trust exercises. One was one person stood on a post, and everyone else put their hands out, and then the person on the post fall and everyone else would catch them.

At 5:30, we had supper, and then we went up to the Sports Field again for another Amazing Activity. I think that night we played soccer. At 7:00, we went to change for our 7:30 service. 8:30, they opened up the snack shop again, and at 9:00, we had anouther activity. For this night, we went up to the gym to play blind volley ball. It’s like volley ball, but there is a tarp over the net so that you can’t see who on the other team has the ball, or where the ball is coming from.

At 10:00, we had our cabin devotions and some talk time, and at 10:30, we turned the lights out.

Be sure to check tomorrow for what we did on Tuesday!


The Promised Land Bible Camp-Sunday

Hey guys! Sorry  I didn’t warn you about my leave for camp last week. It was a blast! Here’s what I did day one.

We arrived around 5:00, but we didn’t see anyone checking kids in, so we drove around the property for a few minutes. After week got checked in, we put my stuff in my the cabin I was staying in, which was Simeon 4. Then  I went over and waited in line with my friend, Haley, while she checked in. I also noticed that one of my friends from my church was going, which I had no clue about before, so that was a pleasant surprise. 🎊 At 6:00, after everyone’s parents left, we had a light dinner. Which was some sort of bean burritos and pizza, which was just a role with cheese and chunks of bacon on it. After that, they open up the snack shop, I don’t recall buying anything that time though.

Then, we went swimming and then had an activity, though I can’t remember what we did. We had cabin devotions after that at 10:00, and at 10:30 we had lights out.

So that’s what we did the first day. But here is a picture of everyone from the last day.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, grass, tree, crowd, outdoor and natureYou can’t really see me because some how I ended up behind a tall dude.

But anyways, tomorrow will be about Monday.