New Horses!!!

Sorry I have not been posting lately, I just have not had the time. My birthday was September 17th and I got a bunch new model horses. First, I got the Akel-Teke foal, Camarue foal and Fell pony stallion at the Choo-Choo barn gift shop. Akel-Teke I named Jade, the Camergue I named Nikki, and the Fell I named Abelard. At J B Zimmerman’s I got a Clydesdale gelding I named Buck, and a Camargue stallion I named Nelson. I got the retired Pinto stallion at Tractor supply, and I named him Texas, and at Ken’s Educational Joys, I got the retired Pinto mare that I named Sweetheart. After supper I went to Shady Maple gift shop and I got the retired Icelandic mare I named her Autumn, and I got the retired Haflinger mare who I named Molly Sue. My sister and my grandmother on my mom’s side got me the new Arabian stallion, he is so cute! I named him Shasta. they also got me Sweetheart and Nelson, so I returned them and got the Haflinger foal.there was only one left at Ken’s when I was there with my Grandma, so I hid her under the display case and she was still there!!! I named her Rosie Sunshine. I also got the retired grooming girl who I named Emily. My Grandma takes me and my sister shopping for our birthdays, but on different days. I still have a little bit of money, but I am going to put it away for horse back riding lessons.

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