New Horses Again (This Time with My Pictures!!!)

So, I finally got pictures of the new horses!!!

First, our new Trahkner mare, Zee-Zee. She needs a show name, so please suggest!


Looking in hindsight, I wish I would have taken a picture of her with Starlight…


Then we have Coffee Cake. His show name is WSS’s Cloud Clap.

Coffee Cake_01

Coffee Cake is the special edition Quarter horse stallion and I LOVE him!

Coffee Cake_02

Dat face!!!

Then we have the Shetland mare, Kiss. She also needs a show name.


I really like the heart on her flank. And her mane looks so thick!


Lastly we have Flicka or Flicka You Away, Zee-Zee’s foal.


We also have Sam, the cow, and Blaze.

Sam girl_01

Sam and Jen. I need to repaint Sam’s hair red so that I stop getting them mixed up!

Sam and Jen_01

Our new calf. It has no name.


And Blaze!


Some other pictures of the new horses.

Sam and Coffee Cake_01

Sam riding Coffee Cake.

Flicka and Angel_01

Flicka and Angel.

So I will see you all in the next post! Bye!


Wait! Don’t Go!

Fusion is coming up *Squee!* Can’t wait! Go here to see what I mean.

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