A Relaxing Trail Ride

Before I jumping into Horse Camp over the next few days, I wanted to share some pictures I took around the beginning of July.


Winnie and the girls decided to explore the property and meet up at the creek around lunch time.


Erika took Molly Sue over the rocky pass close behind Lucy. I think they look rather pretty on the rocks.


Like I said before, she wasn’t far behind Lucy on Teddy Bear. They, too, took the rocky pass however Lucy wanted to stay closer to the woods.


Taylor, riding Starlight, and Amber, riding Luna, went through a meadow-y area along another section of the woods.


Jen, being herself, arrived at the creek first with Dallas.


Winnie and Sugarcoat went along the bottom of the rocks.


After they met up at the rocks, the girls let their horses take a drink while they talked about what they hope to do the rest of this summer.


Starlight being Starlight started splashing in the creek like a foal. The girls had quite a laugh about it.


I do believe that Luna enjoyed the water the most.

Also on that day, I was able to capture some pictures of some local wild horses.

Nelson's Herd_01

They were spotted at the same creek that Jen and the girls had met at earlier.

Nelson's Herd_02

It was adorable to see the foals splashing around in the same creek that Starlight had kicked up her heels in previously that day.

Nelson's Herd_03

The girls saw these horses on their way back to the barn and decided that the palomino mare was the prettiest. At least Taylor did.

Nelson's Herd_04

Winnie thought the leopard Appaloosa and her blanket Appaloosa were the prettiest thought Jen strongly disagreed, saying that were no match for Hotspot and her foals.

Nelson's Herd_05

The little Buckskin foal was a hit with her teasing at the other foals.

Nelson's Herd_07

Nelson's Herd_06

Amber, Erika, and Lucy agreed that the lead stallion was the prettiest. They loved how magnificently he stood on the ledge and watch over his mares and foals.

Dakota Nikki

The girls also spotted one of the mares’ and her foal running towards the creek.



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