Saturday Horse Show

Hello everyone! Yesterday I had my first horse show ever! It went amazing. I did get there a little late, but the only thing I missed was the National Anthem.

So, I have a handful of pictures. I would upload the few videos I have, but I need premium for that. So if y’all would like to see me barrel race, pole bend, or flag race, just use this. ⬇️

So here are the pictures.


This was the musical bags. I did okay with this one, fourth place. I was able to emergency dismount which gave me a slight advantage of dismounting sooner, but my foot got caught in the stirrup the second time so I dismounted slower which made Marshmallow got past which got me out of the game.IMG_5051

Waiting for my class.IMG_5056

The second place ribbons is supposed to be third, but someone got the wrong ribbons so they gave me second. Afterwards I exchanged it for a third.IMG_5057

For Barrel Racing, Musical Bags, and 50 Yard Dash I got fourth; then for Pole Bending, Egg and Spoon, Crepe Paper Pairs I got third. Western Demo was just a demo and they didn’t judge. Flag Racing I missed the bucket so I didn’t place for that. Barrel Racing Marshmallow was bucking a bit at the beginning for two reasons: 1. I was using a crop. 2. I was using it incorrectly. That added time, plus she turned to quickly at the last barrel so I had to circle her and go at it again.

Pole Bending I didn’t canter down and Marshmallow made a wide turn at the one pole.

Crepe Paper Pairs I think I got third because I was paired with a girl who rode a taller horse.

50 Yard Dash I don’t think I cantered at all.

Egg and Spoon was the only one I don’t think I could have down better. I was able to hold the egg even when Marshie went in the middle with the horses who had already dropped their eggs. My instructor’s daughter had to come in and lead Marshmallow out, but I dropped the egg when Marshie started trotting.

Anywho, if any of you want to see the videos, just contact me using the form about. Bye!


4 thoughts on “Saturday Horse Show

  1. Congrats! 😀
    In egg and spoon, it really helps if you tilt the spoon a bit to the outside when you ask you horse to canter on the inside lead. It also helps to lean it back a bit when you ask for upward transitions. 🙂

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