Into the Spotlight… Charger!

If anyone asks, I didn’t have anything else to do that involved pictures that are already uploaded onto this computer.

Charger is a Tennessee Walker stallion and he has a white body with a black mane and tail. Charger has had two foals with our Tennessee Walker mare, Tennessee Rose. Their foals are Lily (one year), and Sparks (9 months).

Charger-Shut Up and Dance with Me

As he is pretty photogenic, it is no surprise that Sugarcoat, stallion-less as she is, seems to be attracted to him. Charger is also a blue ribbon winner. He won first place in Dressage county fun show through states as that is his specialty. Charger also does regular English, but the girls here at Western Star seem to like to use other horses in English pleasure.

Charger-Shut Up and Dance with Me

Because he is admired by so many stallion-less mares, Charger can get a bit full of himself at times, which causes him to be hard to handle.

Sorry this was a little shorter than usual. I really need my mom to upload pictures so that I can make more posts about new models. Bye!



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