Into the Spotlight… Sam!

So, I finally got around to another Into the Spotlight post! A while ago I promised to do Sam, so here we go!

Sam is one of the special edition Trakehner stallions. He came with the Barrel Racing set from Schleich’s Farm World.


As some of you may know, Sam is named after the horse I ride over the summer at the YMCA camp. Sam has won first place in barrel racing at the fun, district, county, and state shows this past year. He has also competed in Western pleasure (First place at Districts and State, second and third at the rest), pole pending (Second in fun, and county and first in districts and state). He has also competed in team roping along side of Hotspot and Taylor (Jen is his owner).


Sam is also trained to English, as Taylor sometimes uses him for English lessons, but he doesn’t compete in shows for English.

So far, Sam has not sired any foals, although we at Western Star Stables are looking to breed him with Starlight next time Starlight is in heat. Sam lives in the stallions pasture (duh!) were he normally hangs out with Rodeo and Dallas, our other Trakehners. Sam is pretty gentle which makes him great for a lesson horse.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and have a great rest of your week!


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