Fusion Pictures

So I got permission to post pictures from Fusion!


Everyone brought their stuffed animals to take a picture.

Top row left to right: Emmy the Great, Lily, Courtney

Middle row left to right: Sara, Breanna, Marissa, Mina, Holly

Bottom row left to right: Elyssia, Erin, Julia, Towaco5oh, and Audrey


Left to right: Audrey (student leader), Towaco5oh, Erin (student leader), Courtney, Julia (student leader)


Enjoying the coffee, Lily?


Yes, I have a Pepsi-Cola sleeping bag. Also, I had to sleep in, because when I pull all nighters, I am a witch later in the day.


Erin and Audrey.


Waiting for 6:00AM to make the coffee.


The odd picture.


Gotcha! No sleeping during the sermon, Lily, Sara. You can also see the tip of my Bible.


I hope you guys like this pictures. Also, I was looking at my notifications today, and I hid 200 likes! That is so huge for me! So I guess that is it.





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