Auradon Prep-Part 3

This the last post guys! so I hope you enjoy!


So in the beginning of Descendants 2, Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos are standing around a bubbling cauldron filled to the brim with shiny red apples that have been poisoned. But it’s not exactly poison. Whenever some one bits into the apple, they immediately become evil. In the movie, everyone started to dance around and graphitti things, including King Beast’s statue. So, I created the area where the VK’s were making the potion.


The apples!


Next room! Dizzy Tremaine’s room. Dizy is the daughter of Drizzella, and is played by Latte. As you may have picked up, Dizzy used to work at her grandmother’s salon.


Some nail polish, a blow drier, hair spray and some sort of brush.


Her bed with a kindle and iPhone.


Doug and Chad’s room. Doug is the son of Dopey, and is played by Texas. Chad is the son of Prince Charming and Cinderella, and is played by Traveller.


A sink with some gems on it.


A chest.


A bed with Chad’s iPod and Doug’s iPhone and kindle.

So that is the end of Auradon Prep. There is a top room now, but I don’t have pictures of that at the moment. Anyways, my next post should be more exciting. So, yeah.

See ya!🦄


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