Auradon Prep-Part 1

Hey guys! I (finally) have a post up for Disney Descendants! Yay!😊 Anyways, here it is.

So first we have the bathroom.


I know, I know, not necessary, but it is so worth it (quoted from Uma🐙) But first, we have the sink.


The sink I bought along with the bathtub at a recycle store; and the soap dispenser was made from a puff that we picked up off the floor at Michael’s and a few silver beads.

Then the bathtub.


I apologies for the bad picture. The bath mat is a coaster that I got at Ten Thousand Villages, and the flowers are from the horse show complex I got for Christmas last year. Not sure if you can see it, but there is a small bottle with a green and purple gem on it. (Mal’s🐲 colors).


Right there.

And the cabinet.


This does have all of my mugs in it now. I also added two to my collection. and pink one and a sparkly gold one.

And the trees.


These guys came with the horse show complex as well.

Next room. Uma’s room.


So beautiful! (sniff sniff) Whoever guess’ Uma’s real name gets a unicorn emoji!

The wall.


The beautiful shell jar and geode piece.

And the T.V.


This was a replica of the T.V. in Ursula’s Fish and Chips.

Ursula's Fish and Chips.jpg

Similar enough?

Anyways, this is her bed.


Also she has a laptop and iPhone. The bed was updated, however, and there is also a sink now. I’ll try to get pictures soon.

Ben’s room.


Can you guess who plays Ben? His tea set.


And his night stand.


This was originally a MLP accessory, and then he has his phone.

Anyways, I need to go, so look out for part 2 and 3 in the next few days!



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