Record Books

Not to long ago I made some record books for some of my horses.


Each book has the horses’ barn name on the front.



I made tiny illustrations for the covers.

Inside is the horse’s breed, show name, dam, sire and foal(s).


As you can see, Sam’s breed is Trakhner, he has no show name, his dam is Golden Rose, his sire is Sundance, and he has no foals.


Starlight is also a Trakhner, her show name is Starlight Star Bright, her dam is Moonlight, her sire is Diablo, and her foal is Angel.


I also put a small sticker on the back of all of them.


And they all fit very nicely in this safe. If you have any show name suggestions, leave them in the comments!

See ya!


10 thoughts on “Record Books

  1. That’s a really neat idea 🙂

    How about taking Sam’s sire and dam’s names and combining them for his showname, e.g. Golden Sun or Dancing Rose?

    Another idea for show names for your models could be using the names of your favourite songs, albums or bands, so for example you could have a horse called Counting Crows, Bohemian Rhapsody, All You Need Is Love, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Let It Go, etc, etc

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  2. I love the way you made those lap books. They are so cute! Oh and if you have a name like Heart breaker for there show names try to use a song like… Don’t go break’n my Heart.

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  3. With my horses, I take the sire and dam’s first letter in their name and put them before the foal’s name, e.g. Skipper’s Valentine x NF Adleheid = SA Destiny.
    (Adleheid is NF because I love Turn The Music Up!!!)
    By the way, I love Charger-Shut Up And Dance With Me. I love love LOVE that song.

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