The Promised Land Bible Camp-Sunday

Hey guys! Sorry  I didn’t warn you about my leave for camp last week. It was a blast! Here’s what I did day one.

We arrived around 5:00, but we didn’t see anyone checking kids in, so we drove around the property for a few minutes. After week got checked in, we put my stuff in my the cabin I was staying in, which was Simeon 4. Then  I went over and waited in line with my friend, Haley, while she checked in. I also noticed that one of my friends from my church was going, which I had no clue about before, so that was a pleasant surprise. 🎊 At 6:00, after everyone’s parents left, we had a light dinner. Which was some sort of bean burritos and pizza, which was just a role with cheese and chunks of bacon on it. After that, they open up the snack shop, I don’t recall buying anything that time though.

Then, we went swimming and then had an activity, though I can’t remember what we did. We had cabin devotions after that at 10:00, and at 10:30 we had lights out.

So that’s what we did the first day. But here is a picture of everyone from the last day.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, grass, tree, crowd, outdoor and natureYou can’t really see me because some how I ended up behind a tall dude.

But anyways, tomorrow will be about Monday.

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