I’m Back!🦄

I am officially back from vacation!🦄 Did you guys miss me? You will NEVER guess where I was last week. I was in Kentucky, but not for Breyerfest.😭 Instead, I went to the Creation Museum and the Ark encounter. I had sooo much fun there; and as soon as my mom uploads pictures from her camera, I will make posts for my trip. So, DB Productionz uploaded episode 7/8 of Dimension High.

If you didn’t know, I believe that after this series is finished, she is doing another Schleich sereies called Dark Paradise.🔮 Also, in my head, I have been plotting a Schleich horse series if I ever get a YouTube channel. It would be called Grace. You guys know Gracie, right? All time jumping champion?


Anyways, she would be an angel, and then there would be this horse on Earth who needs to be taught grace, and then there is other horses with attributes such as Faith, Love, Joy and so on and so forth. And there is also this horse who is, like, the go-between for God and the horse angels. So the go-between tells Gracie that she needs to go to earth and teach this other horse about grace.  But anyways, it will probably not happen because I have no YouTube and no phone.

Okay, have any of you guys seen the new Summer 2017 Schleich horses??? Dey ar weard!

13838Pintabian Mare

13840Pintabian Stallion

13839Pintabian Foal

42389Riding School with Riders.

Check this out!







I may ask for this for Christmas. Hey! Who ever said that you couldn’t have more than one of the same model??? I’ll send you guys the link, as the pictures are pretty small. Schleich🐴

Oh! Almost forgot! I have basketball camp🏀 this week 9-3 so I may not post a whole lot. Bet you can’t guess what my third favorite sport is!

Anyways, I’ll be seeing you!🏀

4 thoughts on “I’m Back!🦄

  1. Hi Tanna it’s Hannah I want to know did you put a link on your blog for my YouT YouTube channel yet guess what I have 22 subscribers on my YouTube channel yay 🎉🎉🎉😄😄😄

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