Electronic Update

Hey guys, a little while ago I made some really cool items for the Schleich girls.


They even have tiny Apple signs on them!🍎 🍏


First, I made seven iPhones and my sister made one iPod.



The screens I painted on with black nail polish.Β πŸ’…

Then we have two laptops with mice.



I personally think that the apple on the silver computer is the most realistic.

Then we have a flat screen TV with a remote.πŸ“Ί


The remote was modeled after my TV remote.


And finally, we have one Kindle and one iPad.



Now I just need a camera…

Okay, two more things.

1: Fatal Potato posted a video on YouTube on the 4th.

This is kind of big deal, since she has not posted a video for 4 months!

2: I won’t be doing any more posts this week, as I am leaving for vacation tomarrow.

Anyways, see ya!

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