Sunday 4-H Meeting

Good Morning! Sorry I haven’t posted since Thursday,😭 I have been pretty busy. But anyways, my sister and I had a 4-H meeting at a one of the girl’s barn (her name is Abi, please don’t kill me if I spelled it wrong). The first thing we did was we had a little meeting to talk about events and such; one of them being a service project at the South Mountain YMCA Camp where I ride!😍 After that, Dory or Mama D, Abi’s, mom ad us groom and tack up the two mares: Frisky and Ruby 💎. After that, everybody was just kind of switching back and forth with the horses. I got to ride all four of the horses, the other two being geldings:Rusty and Jigs, but I didn’t ride Ruby for long because one side of her saddle is tighter than the other side, she was in a lot of pain when you mounted or dismounted. The meeting was supposed to end at 6:00, but Mama D just kept doing ground work with me and Ruby, and helping me with riding the horses; and my mom just kept on talking! We ended up staying until 9:00! 😱 But anyways, I was so sore yesterday and the Monday! Oh, and Janice, if your listening right now, I cantered for about 5 steps without stirrups! 🐎 Here are some pictures, you can roll over them to see who the people and horses are.

Ooh! One more thing, I took pictures of some model horses that are not yet up on The Herd page!

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