Star Wars

Happy National Star Wars day!


May the Force Be with You!

Also, happy birthday to my friends, Haley! 😀 She is 12 today, so Happy Birthday Haley!!! 😀 Have a great day, and don’t forget. May the Force be with You!


Recently, Cath @ The Square to Spare posted a video on a tiny IKEA dresser.

I also just noticed that SugarCharmShop has a video on how to make a tiny iPhone. 😀 I have been dying to make a Schleich/Breyer sized iphone for a long time, and the tutorials that I have watched have not had any words! So hopefully this one will be a little more instructional!

Also, I was inspired by Minki at Stable Storeys latest post to find out how to make a house for my Schliech girls. Also, I would really like to know if you guys actually want to see the next episodes of Dimension High. Because if you don’t want to see them, then I won’t post them here. Also, if you want to know what the other iPhone videos I have watched are, just let me know! 😀 One more thing, nobody told me how many pictures are on my home page picture! 😦 If you get the answer right, you get a smiley face emoji! 🙂