Name List-Updates

Good Morning! ☀ Okay, so to start everyone out today, I promised Nichelle at Desktop Stables that I would put up my horse name list on my blog if she wanted to see it to get an idea of what she might want to name her new mare🐴. Here it is: Horse Names.

So that was that, 💗 now for the updates. So last Tuesday I went over to my Grandma’s house to help her clean out her attic. As a thank you for helping, she let me buy two Schleich horses. 🏇 🐎 🐴 I got the retired Hanoverian mare and the retired Lipizzaner foal. The Hanoverian’s name is Rose Briar and the Lipizzaner’s name is Buddy. And just because Buddy is a usual boy name, doesn’t mean you can’t name a filly/mare Buddy, because that is what I did. 😊  I’m trying to get pictures to but up on “The Herd” page, but it may take a while.


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