Gettysburg Trip-Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my Gettysburg trip! So here it goes!!!

Again, not sure when I woke up, but after everybody got dressed, we went down for breakfast. The Super 8 where we were staying had a  waffle maker (yeah ^_^) but no whipped cream!!! despite the fact that there was no whipped cream 😦 I ended up eating about two whole waffles! Once we were done eating, we took all of our bags out of the truck because we would not be coming back to the hotel.

The first thing we did when we got to the park, was we climbed up Big Round Top (I got it right!!!). There was not much there, but it was fun climbing up. After that, we went to the Eisenhower farm and house. While there, we toured the house and me and my siblings did the Junior Secret Service training, which included using a walkie-talkie.


Filling in the Junior Secret Service book.

Once we filled out the Junior Secret Service book, we caught the next bus back to the visitor center for lunch. It turns out that we brought sour Skittles to Gettysburg, so that’s what we had for dessert.


Eating sour Skittles

I don’t think that my dad knew they were sour Skittles, so when he ate one, his funny face was NOT for show. After lunch we went to the Pennsylvania Monument (I think that is what it was…).


The Pennsylvania Monument.


At the top of the Pennsylvania Monument.

There was a ledge when you look over the edge of the top of the monument, probably for rain water, that had money on it!!! 😛 My mom thinks that people threw the money over the edge like they do for fountains.

After the Pennsylvania Monument, we went to the David Wills House, which is right in town. One thing that I learned in there, was that Abraham Lincoln stayed there when he gave the Gettysburg Address on the battle field of Gettysburg. Once we were done inside, we took a quick pic with a Lincoln statue.


The description said that Lincoln is pointing out the room in the David Wills House were he finished the Gettysburg Address.


Out front of the David Wills House.

After we went through the David Wills House, we went to the Soldier’s National Cemetery. Near the entrance there was a stage that five presidents had made speeches on: Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hover, F.D.R., and Dwight Eisenhower. After that we went to Burger King for supper, and then we went home.

Just for fun, comment below what your favorite vacation was that you have ever gone on!


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