Gettysburg Trip-Part 1

Good Morning everyone! Last weekend, I went on a trip to Gettysburg with my family, so I decided to make a post (actually two 😉 ) about it! 🙂 ! So, here it goes.

I’m not entirely sure when I got up, but for breakfast, I had a pretzel wrapped hot dog and a cinnamon roll. We skipped church on Sunday because it takes about two hours from our house. When we first got there, we went into the visitors center to get advice on where we should go first. The man at the counter said we should do the museum first, since Monday we should have the rest of the park to our selves. We were able to go on Monday to, because we are homeschooled. But, the man said that there would be some reenactors demonstrating fighting methods, so we went there first. We parked a little ways away, so we had to walk to were the “soldiers” were doing the demo. After that, we walked back to the truck, but before we left, we got to climb up the look-out tower. My five-year-old brother did it twice, so my sister and I decided to do it a second time as well.


At the top of the look-out tower on West Confederate Avenue.

Once we all came down from the look-out tower, we went over to Big Little Round Top (I always get them confused! >_<) And we got to climb up a tower structure that looked like a castle.


At the top of Big (oops!) Little Round Top.

After we ate lunch, we drove back to the visitor center so we could see the museum, but first we got tickets for the cyclorama, which is a big painting that goes the whole way around the room. The first part of the cyclorama was a video about the battle of Gettysburg, then we went into the room were the actual cyclorama was. It wrapped the whole way around the room, and there was some items on the ground in front of it to make it look some what 3-D. There was a narrative to go with the painting, as well as sound effects, and during the narrative, the painting lit up, either pointing out places, or emphasizing the battle sounds. After the narrative was over, we exited out of the doors to a room where it had more information on the painting, the artist, and the restoration.

Once we were done reading about the painting, we went into the actual museum. We stayed in the museum until all most closing time. I think one of the things that I learned in the museum was that this boy, I can’t exactly remember his name >_<, was a veteran at the age of 19. Comment below if you know his name, please. Anyways… So at the end of the day, my parents had promised my brother that he could get a smashed penny, but it turns out, they don’t have you put a penny in! My mom said that they probably use copper discs instead. And I said the reason that they do that is probably because that don’t want you smashing Lincoln’s face. After that, we went to Ruby Tuesday for supper. It was really good. Once we were down eating, we went  back to the hotel, and me, my sister and my brother got to go to the indoor pool.


My brother on one of the beds in the hotel room.

After we got back from the pool, We had to take a shower, but I didn’t have to wash my hair because I keep my hair in a swim cap, because if I don’t. my hair will get all tangled. And so ended the first day of my trip to Gettysburg.

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