Multi Part Post

Okay, so today is a multi-part post.

Part 1:
So DB Productionz posted episode three of Dimension High: Secrets from the Past

Part 2: Tack Tutorial (not that kind of tack, sorry!)

Remember this video? Well, Cath says to glue the tiny pictures on to the bulletin board, but whoever said they wasn’t another way??? Well, I found one and I decided to make it into a tutorial.

Step 1: Gather supplies.

All you need is some seed beads.


And thin wire that will fit through the beads


Step 2

Cover a small part of the end of the wire in hot glue. I just stuck the end of the wire into the opening of the hot glue gun.


Step 3

Fit ONE bead onto the wire.


Step 4

Put a small drop of glue on top of the bead to cover up any exposed wire.


Step 5

Cut the excess wire off to the length that you desire.


And your done! The end of the tack should stick into the bulletin board, so you don’t have to glue anything onto it.


Sure, it may be a little out of proportion, but it works!

Part 3 of the post.

Whoever can tell me how many horses there are on my home page images gets a smiley face on there blog!

See ya!


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