Episode 2-Dimension High

I noticed on Wednesday (like, right after I posted on my blog) that DB Productionz posted episode 2 of Dimension High – Welcome to Yoraque.

I am probably going to watch this video as soon as I am done with my school work,(yes, I am homeschooled) but I will probably wait until tomorrow. Like I said before, tomorrow I have the state BB gun championship, and I was planning to practice in my garage as soon I was done with my school work. One of the girls who is going to states, has a iPad, so I may get onto the internet on that to watch Dimension High and another video which does not have to do with horses. On Monday I will probably post some pictures from states from this year and last; also, I have a picture with a display I did not BB Guns for my homeschool co-op’s Learning Fair (kind of like a science fair). probably will be posting all the videos for Dimension High on here, so check about every week for a new video!

Have a good weekend!


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